How to be Handsome

How to be Handsome

First of all, natural selection is fundamental and absolute in how someone looks alike eg good looking one or not thereto. Certainly, a handsome person used to attract the attention of all. He is out of doubt and his striking appearance also is accepted by the rest who like to talk and follow him. And obviously, the very one can judge the feedback sent by all around him. 

A handsome person also enjoys more privileges than an ordinary one. Whatever nature has given you –accept and follow the strategies narrated beneath of being a bit extra nice-looking. 

Better cloths 

If you short in size choose straight-striped shirt or T-shirt. Avoid wide line-ones to the contrary. Select the fashion according to your size-shape and color. Rely on your own choice. Have a look at standing before a mirror and if your mind is not satisfied to take another one and try to collect the perfect piece/pieces for you. You may get help from an expert friend for a better result at the same time.

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Better shoes 

If your shoes don’t suit you don’t wear rather select another pair that does make you handsome. Many believe eg in fashion shoe roles very vitally. Here you have to avoid excessive experiments. Only keep in mind that it must be smooth and it should not be odd thereafter.  Choose the perfect pair for you from a good collection of any market. Yes-if you somehow realize that it doesn’t suit you have to leave out the pattern. 



Sometimes your hairstyle fails to attract others-still don’t go for a big risk. If you handsome it is okay-please don’t try to be over handsome. At present many styles are in your hand-think first then choose one of those. Too much change in style can harm your good-looking. Keep your hairstyle according to to the shape of your face and height.

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To be a good-looking one correct your attitudes and other expressions. Be a bit more different but don’t be lazy or hopeless in all actions. Be the friend not bosom to all. And let the people say something positive about you. Offer thanks to all. Indeed lead an economic life. Avoid behavior lapse (if any).


Better spoken

If you are naturally handsome and used to speak without maintaining all supported status your position will go down. Also, complete a course that will ensure your spoken accurate and awesome. The ability of good spoken adds an extra zest to you and it confirms more acceptance of yourself to the rest. 

About makeup

Yes-according to climate and environment you have to select your own makeup and here be rational eg don’t  support theatre approach always. Only apply decoration which is perfect in the long run. Try to rinse up your face with fresh water and don’t rub with force.

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You can use sweet smell-but don’t spray too much. Especially –never forget to spray your armpits. Act everywhere nicely and logically. Striking appearance somehow can win anybody. People judge the first appearance firstly then they think about other things of a person. So the first impression is so important. Don’t be angry and rude to others. Last of all being handsome depends on some techniques and those don’t come within a day. Practice for a long time and take care.

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