How Playing Good Guitar Sounds

How Playing Good Guitar Sounds

Playing in the proper position is one of the most important guitar lessons. This guitar lesson implies that the left hand is kept on a fixed location which is on the guitar’s neck; each of the little fingers is on permanent fret assignment while bearing in mind that no open strings must be used. Playing the guitar in proper position will not only honor you the ability to play the notes where they sound and feel best, it will also make you appear cool- just as all experts in the field look.

A particular guitar lesson position is named after the fret which the first finger of the player plays. Hence, when a player plays within the 5th position, for instance, the 1st finger on the 5th fret, the 2nd finger on the 6th fret, the 3rd finger on the 7th fret, and the 4th finger will then be on the 8th fret.

Why Is The Guitar Lesson On Playing In Position Important?

When a guitar player learns the guitar lesson of playing in proper position, melodies of high-notes will be easier to produce. Open position playing permits a player to produce a sound on the 5th and 4th fret only. Playing in position gives the player the ability to play higher notes economically and smoothly. Further, the guitar lessons about position playing aids in instant transpose of just any phrase or pattern which you know of in the proper position to a different key easily through moving the hand unto another position. Since playing in position involves zero open strings, all notes played in position will be movable.

Most people have this idea that if a guitar is played in positions that are lower, higher notes are easy to produce. However, higher notes are not hard to play; they are only hard to read especially within standard notations- that is if a player does not get very far from the traditional guitar lessons method book.

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The thing that is of utmost importance regarding guitar lessons on position playing is the left hand’s position particularly the placement and position of the left-hand fingers. Here are a few guitar lessons tips on how to position the left hand and its fingers.

  • Guitar Lesson On Position Playing #1: Keep fingers over appropriate frets for the whole playing time even when the fingers are not fretting notes for some moments.
  • Guitar Lesson On Position Playing #2: Keep a proper body position. Learn to acknowledge your own movements. For instance, are your shoulders riding up and down like Quasimodo’s? Periodically check it to be certain what both stays free of any tension. Also, always bear in mind to make frequent long and deep breaths, most especially when you are getting a feeling of tightening up.
  • Guitar Lesson On Position Playing #3: Keep all of the fingers close to the fretboard, always prepared to play. The fingers may exhibit natural tendencies of straightening out and rising away from guitar’s fretboard. Just be conscious of keeping them curled, holding down the frets where the fingers should be.
  • Guitar Lesson On Position Playing #4: Always relax. Even if you are getting an impression that you have to focus intensely on correctly following the maneuver, you do not have to. Always remember that what you are doing is adopting a relaxed and natural approach of playing the guitar.

What Are Guitar Lessons On Proper Playing Postures?

A person could either stand or sit while playing the instrument, and the particular position that the player chooses makes no bearing unto the playing technique or tone, as long as a good posture is maintained. A lot of people go with the sitting position while they are practicing; however, prefers the standing position while playing in front of other people. The only exception to the position preference is classical guitar because the usual practice of playing this is through the sitting position. This, of course, does not imply that no person will be able to play the classical guitar while standing; however, serious classical guitar lessons require the player to be seated.

Sitting Position: In order to hold a guitar within a seated position, the person must rest the guitar’s waist on the right leg. The guitar’s waist is that indented portion in between the instrument’s lower and upper bouts- the parts protruding like hips and shoulders. The feet should be slightly apart. The instrument will be balanced by resting the right forearm lightly in the bout of the bass. Never use your left hand for neck support. Also, you must take the left hand off the guitar’s fretboard completely without having the dip the guitar towards the floor.

On the other note, the technique in playing the classical guitar needs you to support the instrument by the left leg. This particular position will put the guitar’s weight closer to the player’s center of weight; making the guitar simpler to play because it is now more comfortable to execute difficult notes.

Standing Position: If you want to play the guitar in a standing position, you have to have a strap which must be fastened securely through pins or ties. You could stand normally and look at how you would appear in front of a mirror. You might have to adjust the guitar’s strap according to the player’s height in order to hold the guitar comfortably. When the strap accidentally slips off while playing the guitar standing, you will have a 50-50 chance of saving the instrument before hitting the floor. This should be easy to do with experienced and quick guitar players. Hence, never risk the guitar from being damaged through making use of a worn out or old strap which is actually too big for the guitar pins to securely hold. Guitars are not designed to bounce off; therefore, it should be properly secured.

The human body makes natural adjustments, especially when making changes in playing positions, for instance from sitting towards standing. Therefore, never push yourself to overanalyze where each part of your body should be, with respect to the instrument being played. Just enjoy the experience, stay calm, relaxed and most of all, try to look cool. Now, you are a certified guitar player and knowing the guitar lessons about proper positions as well as looking cool are as critical as learning guitar lessons.