How Do You Know That Your Diamond Is Real Or Fake?

How Do You Know That Your Diamond Is Real Or Fake?

When you hear the word engagement ring what readily comes to mind is a diamond ring. What is so special with diamonds? Diamond is a thing of beauty impossible to surmount. Diamond is an ultimate symbol of love and commitment. Diamonds are known for its beauty, strength and durability. A diamond ring symbolizes a marriage made to last forever. For centuries, this thing of beauty has been the perfect gift for your love one.

In the past, only the elite can afford to buy this expensive stone fortunately supply has increase and makes the diamond more affordable. Still its worth is still considered a big investment thus it is important that you purchase one with care making sure that you are buying a true diamond and not a fake one.

Identifying a Fake and Original Diamond

For first time buyers, it will be quite hard to know which one is true or not especially now that there are lots of diamond imitation on the market. It is important that you know several methods to identify whether what you are buying is original or a fake. Read further to know several tests that will help you identify whether the diamond is true or not.

Test using Light

This test is simple and easy. All you need is some light, a penlight or torchlight will do. It is a fact that when a light passes through a true diamond, it brings out a halo around it while a fake diamond will let the light pass through it and the light will also be seen on the other side.

Test Using a Newspaper

This is the easiest test of all to know whether you have a real diamond or not. Diamond for a fact cannot be used as magnifiers. Diamonds can only refract light but not as magnifiers. So if you place a diamond in a piece of newspaper and it magnifies the text then you know that the diamond is a fake.

Setting of the Diamond

The most obvious thing to do when you see a diamond ring is to check its setting and see the type of metal the ring is made of. Original diamonds do have an “open Back” setting for it enhances its beauty. With this kind of setting it enhances the brightness of the diamond since it allows large amount of light to pass through. Refraction of light is definitely much better in this kind of setting. Also the kind of metal used in this kind of setting is usually expensive, it is mostly a 22 carat gold or platinum. If you find the metal to be less than that then something is wrong and the diamond is worth reevaluating.

Use a Diamond Tester

Using a diamond tester will tell you whether your diamond is real or not. Just point the tester tip into the diamond and if the indicator will light up and it emits a beep then your diamond is real. The tester does not react to a fake diamond.

Stone Weight

A Cubic Zirconia (CZ) stone can very well pass like a diamond. Even professional jeweler takes some time when evaluating whether a stone is a diamond or a Cubic Zirconia. Cubic Zirconia looks just like a diamond, its difference lies in the light and color projection when a light pass through it. Another difference it has with diamond is its weight. Cubic Zirconia (CZ) weights about fifty-five percent more than a diamond. So you know which one is a real diamond by weighing it. Always use a gram or carat scale when weighing.

Heat Test

You can test the diamond with a heat probe. Real diamond does not heat up with the probe and it diffuse heat fast. The testing only takes a few seconds and it does not hurt the stone at all.

Have the Stones X-rayed

You will know that your diamonds are real if it does not show up in x-ray since diamonds are radiolucent. Cubic Zirconium and any other crystals do have a slight radiopaque quality so that it shows in the x-ray.

Other ways of telling whether your diamond is real or fake is by inspecting the stone using the jeweler’s loupe. Through this instrument you will find fine details that are not seen by your eyes alone. A diamond does have some imperfections and this sets them apart with lab-grown diamonds which most of the time does not have any imperfections at all. You can also do a simple test and that is by dropping your diamond in a glass of water, if you can see your diamond then it must be real but if you can’t then it might just be a glass or quartz.

Diamonds are quite expensive so that there is a high risk involved when deciding to invest in one. It is best that you are well aware of how to spot a fake diamond against a real one. Also when you decide to buy a diamond ring, always remember the 4 C’s.

What is 4 C’s?

Carat. The weight of a diamond is known as a carat. When you buy a diamond ring remember that the value of the diamond depends on its carat. The heavier the stone, the more expensive it’s going to be.

Cut: Another important thing to consider when buying a diamond is its cut. Its proportion must be perfect.

Clear: Transparency is the name of the game when you talk about diamonds. It is a fact that diamonds go through different rock formations before it finally developed into a diamond. Through that long process you will see with your own eyes the clarity of the stone.

Color: One look at it and you might think it emits just one color but if you check it closely you will discover that when a light gets through a diamond it refracted and it gives out several other colors than white.

Always look for the 4 C’s when shopping for a diamond. This will help you get the perfect diamond ring that you want. Of course always keep in mind that what you are looking at might not be real so make sure that you can differentiate a fake one from a real diamond.

When you finally get your diamond ring at hand, it is best if you get your stone registered. Registering it will ensure you that what you have is really real and not fake at all. You can take your diamond into a grading lab and have it registered.