How Do I Save My Marriage

How Do I Save My Marriage

Nowadays divorce or breakups is one of the major problems in after marriage and nowadays this rate of divorce and breakups have been increasing very dramatically. Due to not having enough knowledge to handle the problems of after marriage most of the couples frequently gives an end mode of their married life. But it is much-unexpected work.  Divorce system is a curse for our society and it can damage not only a family but also can destroy two families and relationship of both families. Due to divorces children suffer a lot. Not only suffers but also divorce can destroy their entire career.

There are a lot of reasons behind a divorce and among them, most affecting reasons are doubt, physically not satisfaction, misunderstanding, consideration, financial problems, emotional problems and so on……….

But all the couples should try their best to save their marriage. For saving a marriage couples should follow some simple but vital steps as below:

⦁ When a problem is come on then both of should find out its solution by discussing with each another. In this case, should discuss and talk openly with each another. You should understand the matter that can ruin a married life and should make open discussion with your spouses. You have to give a care to the points she showed and should give consideration as much as you can for him/her. You can keep notes of your problem before starting a discussion and should solve all the problems step by step slowly.

⦁ You have to spend some valuable times with his/her without your mobiles, devices, children and talk with him/her very openly to know each another more effectively again.

⦁, In this case, the love letter can play a vital role to make your relationship again stronger. If you use a love letter to express your feelings of love to him/her then it can assist you to reconnect with him/her once again. Write all the affection of your minds to his/her through love letter and just send to him/her with a nice cover.

⦁ If you make a romantic date of the night then it can be very handful for both of you. So arrange in such event to attend on and should try to wear nice dress up on this romantic date at night.

⦁ If your body weight is a major problem for causing this divorce then you have to beg time from your partner and in this given period you should try hard to lose excesses fat from your body and should try to give your body a sound shape as you had before marriage. Try to keep own self-fashionable to caught your partner attention. You can choose different hairstyles.

⦁ It is also your duty to take care of your partner. Don’t waste too much time in your office works and never come lately at home and also should not do office works at home at night time. Should try to come earlier at home and also should spend rest of the time in a day with your family. Help your partner to looks after your kids, household chores and others.

⦁ Open communication is one of the best and super ways to keep a marriage alive till the last breath of both. If faces any sorts of the financial problem then you should discuss with each another openly and should take necessary steps to solve the problems. Make a good plan for using your money. You have to take the decision by discussing with your partner that how much should spend to your child education, how much will be for monthly costs, how much will be for savings and etc.

⦁ To remedy your problems you can call your guardians to give the solution. If they will not able to provide the solution then you can go to the marriage counselor to get assist.

All of the above tips are sound effects for any couples for saving their marriage.