How would you Feel when you will Lead a Happy Marriage Life

I am sad to see many failed marriages. People are busy. They try to emulate others. They compare their spouse with their family members and friends and thereby kill the uniqueness of their relation. Here are few suggestions to fuel your marriage to happiness and make it long-lasting.

By seeing so many failed marriages I’m now very sad and upset. When I saw my first couples of failed marriages then I’ve started to think why they are failed to lead their life as a happy marriage. Although I talked with some couples to get information about their after marriage life and tried a lot to find out the reasons that works behind to make them separate. Although I’ve invented some reasons behind the failed marriage. In this article I’m going to discuss those with yours and also going to provide some tips to make after marriage life happy and everlasting.  So let’s start………………………..
Reasons behind Failed Marriages:

⦁ Lacking of uniqueness
⦁ Time maintaining
⦁ Sense of individuality
⦁ Not having well communication
⦁ Not having proper love and respects
⦁ Don’t trust each other.
⦁ Not careful with each other
⦁ Consideration
⦁ Addiction
⦁ False
⦁ Financial Problems
⦁ Not having the ability to birth Childs
⦁ Unpleasant in physical relation
⦁ Another relation

Now let’s discuss the way to lead a happy married life.

⦁ Uniqueness: When you get married, you have to keep in mind that you are a very special and unique person. Your entire things are unique, you have a unique story, you have a unique experience and circumstances, your scope and threats of your relations will be also unique. You have to keep in mind that your relationship is like a journey. Through every moment just live. Never try to follow experiences of your relatives, friends, and parents. Their journey is totally their own and you should not match yours one with them.

⦁ Time: You have to maintain a proper time with everything. Never shows you are too much busy. You have to give time to your partner. While you wake up from bed call her to give you bed tea and then when you remain busy at your office or workplace then try to find out few times to make her call over the phone. Ask her how she is feeling? Is she remembering you? Is there any problem? And when you are going to end the call just say her you loved her too much. Always try to come at home as early as you can and never brings office works at home to do at night. Try to take the breakfast and dinner together all of your family members. In the weekends go outside of the home with your partner to enjoy some valuable and happy moments.

⦁ Individuality: You have to contain the sense of individuality. You should keep in mind that your partner has a different individuality. Never force her/him to do the thing which he/she does not accept. In this case there can be disagreement between both of you. You both have to take it as a consideration and should discuss openly for solving the problem.

⦁ Communication: Well communication is a very good way to lead a marriage life happy. If you are not open minded then you will not able to share everything with your partner thus your problems will not be solved. Suppose your partner willing to make sex with you but you are not willing to do it on that time due to your physical illness. In this case if you will not share the real things with your partner then he will never understand the problem and will start to doubt you.

⦁ Love & Respect: Proper love and respect is essential to keep a marriage live alive. You loved your partner but you don’t respect him/her again you respect your partner but you don’t love him/her  then in such way cannot able to give you happy marriage life. You have to love you partner and also should respect him/her.

⦁ Trust: One of the most vital points is trust. A relation stand on both of the partner trust on each another. If you cannot trust each another then in such relation will never be longer. Actually trust the basement of true love. If you don’t trust your partner but tell him/her that you love him/her then it is totally false. Trust is the main symbol of true love.

⦁ Carefulness: You have to be careful to each another and never be dame care to each another. You should help to your partner for taking care of you Childs, household chores and etc as much as you can and also your spouses should help you for waking up just in the right time in the morning, should help to get your clothes, foods and etc.

⦁ Consideration: Consideration is the one good and most vital point. You have to be considerable for every little bit of your life steps and in such way can solve your problems on the way of after marriage life.

⦁ False: False is the mother of all sins and thus you both should keep yourselves from any kind false.

⦁ Addiction: If you are addicted by with something then tell your partner to overcome the situation. Then your partner should help you to overcome from addiction world. In such case your partner can brings you to the recovery center to get assist from specialist.

⦁ Financial Problems: It can see frequently that financial problem leads to break a marriage life. That’s why if you fall in the middle of financial problem then discuss openly to your partner and take necessary steps to solve and overcome the situation.

⦁ Not having the ability to birth Childs: It can see frequently that due to not getting child marriage life breaks. It is not the problem of a girl and it actually the problem of grooms. So if in such thing will come in your after marriage life then discuss with your health specialist and ask him what to do. If not possible to get a child in your life at any how then a you can buy a child from an orphan or can take test-tube baby. So why you are depressing?

⦁ Sexually unpleasant: Frequently it can see that sexual unpleasant is becomes the main reason of breaking up. If your partner is not satisfied sexually then he/she may not accept to stay with you longer and for handling this case discuss with your partner openly and also take a suggestion from your health specialist.

⦁ Another relation: If you make any relation with anybody after marriage then in such relation must lead to your breakup your marriage and that’s why this kind of relation is highly prohibited.

Actually, a happy married life is not a tough thing to obtain but for this both the person should be considered and also should understand all of the above points. These all of the above points are the result of my personal experiences and researchers. So I hope if anybody is now in the middle of trouble in his/her after marriage life then he/she should follow all of the above points to come back in a happy marriage life.

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