Energy Diet Foods For Perfect Fitness

Energy Diet Foods For Perfect Fitness

We are frequently consume wrong foods due to lacking of knowledge. But if we can take food just knowing what exactly we need then it would be very easy to keep a healthy life. Thus, here we are giving some vital and good diet tips

What is dieting?

Dieting is the process by which we can able to take our regular foods in a modified and balanced way. Usually dieting is done for reducing weight and keeping it in a certain level. For keeping our body well and slim we have to do diet. For this we have to take low Carbohydrates, low kyal

ori, low-fat foods to eat. Those food plan contains all kinds of food stuff like Vitamin, Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat, Mineral, Fiber, Water etc will be called as an ideal diet.

Regular Energy Diet Tips

  • You need to drink plenty of water every day. For women with at least 8 glasses per day (in liters), 12 glass of water for men (3 liters) to drink. It calculates drinking all day. But those people do exercise must need more water than this calculation.
  • You have to take your meal before three hours of your sleep at night. If you feel hungry before going to sleep than it will be better if you don’t eat anything. But you can take milk that is without fat.
  • You need to take vegetables and fruits instead of Carbohydrates, since those are contains plenty of vitamins and fiber.
  • You should take salad as much as you can. Keep salad with your lunch and dinner.
  • Must consume fish, if you can eat meat a less amount and can consume fish more then it will be handy for you.
  • Do not eat white flour bread and try to eat red flour bread. The red flour is very beneficial for the body. As white sugar, white rice is also avoided instead try to eat red rice.
  • Raw chickpea should eat every day. Since these are contains low fat and also contains some elements those are effective to reduce your cholesterol level. Also contains Vitamin B which will increase your digestion power as well as reduce gastric problem.
  • Before going to sleep you can consume milk that is fat free.
  • If possible then eat Yogurt without sugar.
  • For women, calcium foods: milk, yogurt and drink it down every day.
  • Eat less rice, but eat more vegetables, fruit and salad.
  • Eat 5-6 times per day.
  • After every 2-3 hours you should eat 200-300 calories and it will be effective.
  • You should avoid fried foods and those foods whose are contains so much calories.
  • Should try to take less amount of animal protein and should try to take vegetable protein. Since it contains less fat than animal protein.
  • You should try to eat wood nuts everyday, since it enhances the beauty of your skin and reduce your cholesterol level.
  • Protein should consume in according to a good amount. It can be fish, white meat (Chicken meat), nuts, Peas, cheese, yogurt etc. Since protein contain less calories than carbohydrates , it keeps our stomach fulfill and helps us to reduce our weight.
  • More oil and spicy food should be discarded. However, like spices, assorted spices have different qualities. But need to cook in according to amount.
  • Not fried, you should boiled and should cook in a less fire.
  • Add plenty of fiber foods into your food list, such as read bread, vegetables, bins, salad and fruits. Since fiber is very essential to reduce weight, Enhances digestion and reduce the cholesterol. For women should consume 21-25 g and for men 30-38 g fiber in everyday.
  • You should not consume extra salt with your foods. Since extra salt can bring water to your body and can be the cause of blood pressure and weight gaining.

So by above all we can understand that how our daily food list would be.