5 Emergency ATM Safety Precautions When Withdraw Money

5 Emergency ATM Safety Precautions When Withdraw Money

Nowadays ATM booth is really a very essential things and a great platform to withdraw money very quickly. For your any needs at any time you can get Monet at hand through ATM machine and for that issue ATM booth has started on. If we carry money with us in cash format then it can created various kind of problem such as hijack, theft and so on. To avoid in such situation most of the person in today’s worked keep ATM card with them, then they will able to withdraw necessary amount of money when they need from their nearest ATM booth. But recently some unexpected events on ATM booth has made this process unsecured and most of the ATM card holder now also feeling unsafely when they are going to withdraw money from ATM.

Before someday ago an unexpected event was happened in India. A women was involved in an accidents. The severity of the accident has caused the whole world to scare ATMs and it is really a very normal issue. That’s why during withdraw money from ATM everyone must have to obey some caution by which you will able to save own self from unexpected events.

1. You have to be aware and confident 

You have to take care very carefully to every person whether you are in very crowd place or not. You have to take care to all the persons whom are behind you and also inside the booths and in your left side or right side where they are staying or standing in a very relax mode. You have to enter into the booth by taking care all the things whether you have hurry or not. You have to keep confident on your own mind feelings. If you feel doubt on any issue then you have to leave the place as early as you can.

2. You have to avoid the ATM that are situation in rural areas

The position of ATM booth is really very vital. You have to avoid yourself to withdraw money from any ATM booth that is situated in a very calm place. The risk of attacking by any crime during ATM withdraw is more for any calm place more than any other place. You have to try to use the ATM that are situated in crowd place and also in the main road.

3. You have to enter into ATM by understanding the time

You have to avoid all the time that are risky to enter into ATM booth. Such deep night or after 10/11 pm, Mid day such as 2/3 Pm, very early in the morning such as 6/7 am.

4. ATM booth security

You have to keep care that the ATM booth that you are going to use have Security guard in the outside of booth. If a Security guard is available in the outside of ATM booth then we feel naturally secure. That’s why you have to keep care about the position of ATM booth security guard. If there will not be any security in the outside of ATM booth then you should not use in such booth.

5. Never late into the ATM without reasons

You should not waste time by entering into ATM without any reasons. After entering into the ATM you have to complete the withdraw work as quick as you can. There are so many person who start to count their withdrawn money by standing in front of ATM. But never did this work. You should enter all the money and ATM card into your bag as early as possible and then go to a secure place and they start to count. You should keep in mind that if you will stay more time into the ATM then you will be more unsafe.

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