Eat Five Foods That Make You Smarter

Eat Five Foods That Make You Smarter

Giving the definition of Smartness is bit tough. But generally by smart we means that the person who is very Agile and very expert in stand intelligence. For that your brain should work perfectly and quickly. For this you have to consume right foods. Nature has given us opportunity to take a lot of foods. Among them there are some foods which are very much effective to boos the power of our brain and also make our memorizing power good. In this contain we are going to discuss about 5 foods which are very much effective to make us smart.

Oil-rich fish

Nowadays most people are experiencing a problem. Can not remember anything, or needs of any specific information, can not remember. If you have in such problem also then keep oil rich fish from today’s in your regular food list. These types of fish are contains omega-3 fatty acids that are very good for the body, especially for the brain. If not possible to consume in everyday then just eat these at least 2 days in a week.


Are you become angry when hear about greens to eat? If yes, then I will say just change your mentality. Because green vegetables are contain Vitamin C and beta-carotene which are very much effective for health. Also have other nutrition which makes our brain sharp.


Egg is the food that is called by wonder. Egg contains iron, iodine, Vitamin B 12. Iron is very much essential to make red blood which helps to increase blood circulation into our head. That’s why you will able to keep awake for a long time. On the other hand iodine perform to solve the problem of our brain.

Green Tea

Do you know our brain contains 80% water. That’s why we have to keep care about the hydration of our brain always. We should take at least 8 glass of pure drinking water in everyday. Besides these if possible then take green tea two to three times. In a research it has been proved that for increasing mental alertness and to improve memorizing power green tea perform really well. Also it contains a lot of anti-oxidant that down the risk of becoming dementia.


Not only for taste but also for brain we should take chocolate because it is very essential for our brain. Particularly Dark Chocolate. Specialist think that to make new neuron dark chocolate helps really. But should keep care about the amount.

So we may able to understand that how we can able to boost our smartness and can able to keep our brain active.