Easy Recipes With Beef As The Main Ingredient

Easy Recipes With Beef As The Main Ingredient

Generally, beef is bovine meat, most especially when people talk about domestic bovines as cows. This is amongst the list of principal meats utilized in most kitchens of America, Europe, and Australia as well as in Southeast Asia, East Asia, and Africa’s cuisines. Cattle domestication became popular during 8000 BC offering easy access to leather, mild, and beef. Cattles were used widely all over the world for drafting animals as well as producing milk and meat according to the resources and needs of the locality. These animals were brought into the territories of South and Central America through the efforts of the Spaniards who were able to invade the locations successfully. Presently, beef is consumed all throughout the globe. This is abundant in polyunsaturated fat referred to as CLA. CLA or “conjugated dienole linoleic acid” according to studies prevents Type 2 Diabetes, the non-insulin form of Diabetes. In order to know more regarding what beef consumption could do unto health; here are some of its health benefits.

Beef’s Health Benefits 

Beef’s easy recipes of lean meat is an excellent protein source since it could provide 64% in the daily amount of nutrients through consuming 4 ounces only; diets which contain an increased amount of vit B12 with low fat are directly associated with decreased probability of having colon cancer; Beef easy recipes will serve as an excellent source of vit B6 and B12- vitamins which are required by the human body for it to convert dangerous chemicals into benign molecules; beef is an excellent source of the mineral zinc, a mineral helpful in preventing possible damages unto the walls of blood vessels; healthy recipes of organic cow’s meat is rich in selenium- a mineral needed for proper functioning of peroxidase glutathione active in reducing the risk of having rheumatoid arthritis and asthma. Further, bovines which are grass-fed contain higher levels of omega3 in their meat which could reduce the probability of having heart diseases; easy recipes  of beef is abundant in iron and phosphorus which could prevent the occurrence of physical fatigue; and 3 oz of beef is an abundant source of B complex, zinc, and protein.

 Easy recipes of beef has with it saturated fats and cholesterol which could increase the risk of developing heart diseases; easy recipes with beef which are improperly cooked could lead to diseases which are food-borne in nature- it could even have viruses, parasites, and bacteria in it; beef could increase the risk of having cancer such as colon or rectum cancer; United States’ cattle are regularly given antibiotics in order to shield them from all possible forms of infections which put people who are hypersensitive to antibiotics at risk of going through allergic reactions.

Beef Meat Cooking Suggestions

Into your favorite mixes of vegetables incorporate beef cubes and brush it with olive oil while being grilled; serve easy recipes  of cooked tenderloin with French wheat bread and enjoy the meal with onions and roasted peppers on it; put crushed peppercorns on beef steak even before cooking it in order to make the dish classic and delicious; if you like grilling, enjoy the easy recipes of grilled beef with some coleslaw, steamed cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, and cabbage. These vegetables will tremendously increase the ability of the body to get rid of heterocyclic amines within the beef; and sauté steak with chili peppers, lemongrass, fresh basil, garlic, and onions for creating a meal which is Asian-inspired.

With all of this information about easy recipes of beef, you most probably are looking for good beef recipes by now. There are numerous delicious beef easy recipes which are available within the market. Beef actually is an excellent ingredient for many dishes and with beef meat in your refrigerator; you could have the capacity to make a lot of varied dishes. You could create meatballs, beef patties, sandwiches, burgers, stir-fries, chili and a lot more with beef as the main ingredient. Today, there are several easy recipes of beef which you could prepare; however, two of the most popular and delicious easy recipes with beef on it are presented below.

For ground beef, you could make delicious meatballs with it. An easy meatball recipe is simple to prepare and cook.

Easy Meatball Recipe

When what you’re searching for are easy recipes that have ground beef in it, a simple recipe of beef meatballs will satisfy your taste buds. Almost all people like to eat meatballs because they are easy to prepare and make, aside from the fact that these are really tasty too. Even in special spaghetti meals, easy recipes of meatballs could make a difference.

This meatball recipe will require you to have parmesan cheese, bread crumbs, onions, ground beef, as well as a little oregano to integrate some distinct flavor. To make delicious meatballs, combine all of the mentioned ingredients and bake these until the recipe is well done.

If the above beef easy recipes are not enough, take into consideration making cabbage rolls. This recipe is another simple and great recipe involving beef. If you want to cook the authentic cabbage rolls, the recipes might consume a lot of your time because each of the rolls has to be done delicately. If the lazy rolls are enough for you, the recipe is a lot easier. You will just sauté your beef together with cabbage and a few other ingredients. You will not be obliged to create individual rolls.

Lazy Rolls With Cabbage

If you are in search for another beef recipe, then you can do these lazy rolls with cabbage recipe. The main difference in between the regular rolls and this recipe is the fact that the lazy rolls are easier to prepare. You will never have to roll cabbages separately. Rather, combine all of your ingredients and just sauté them. In order to make lazy rolls of cabbage, you will have to purchase rice, one can of tomatoes preferably the crushed ones, onions, carrots, cabbage, and of course ground beef.

Beef meat is a special and unique food because of its wide array of minerals, vitamins, and proteins- all important for a person’s healthy diet. There actually is no single food which could provide similar health advantages found in the meat of bovines.


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