Early Marriage and Dowry System : Two Dark Systems in Our Society

Early Marriage

Early marriage takes the dreamy days of woman’s life. By giving inhuman measurement it gives the level to the eyes of a woman. It brings a deep black cover to their minds. In all, the overall state of matter is considered in the context of the society, and then it becomes a national problem, which requires immediate action to remedy. By the passing of time, in the consideration of the socio-economic perspective child marriage is seen as a very serious problem. This problem is now becoming a major problem and in a study it has been shown that due to ignorance and prejudice parents are not ignoring early marriage. Due to early marriage not only women or her family affected but also malnutrition and poor future generations come into the country.

While different kinds of effective steps have been taking to the development of whole world, there a nonchalant attitude to the early marriage should not be accepted from any citizen.

Child Marriage History:

When the era of child marriages was started have not found any specific source in history but in ancient communities and different kinds of law in ancient times can give us idea of early marriage and then after spreader vastly in our social and family.

As a described of European visitors we can come to know that early marriage was introduced in the sixteenth century.

Early marriage was introduced in the sixteenth century to the eight decades of European visitors to the subcontinent gets released the statement. At the age of 12, having child to a woman was a common sense on that time. Unmarried women, parents – mother were reprehensible in the eyes of everyone in society. Even in such family was disconnected from socially, religiously and had to be served completely ostracized them, which was very harsh and insulting to socialize.

From the mid-nineteenth century, then a prudent build social movements against the early marriages.

King Ram Mohan Roy and Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar was started a dynamic social movement against child marriages. But beyond nearly a century, but how we still managed to be free of child marriages?

Early Marriage Law: If bride or groom both of them or even a single of them will be under the certain age then that marriage will be counted as an early marriage. According to statistics of child marriage in most instances does not apply to any corruption law.
The three kinds of marriages were considered married offense; One, with a young married adults, two young children married, three, young groom and bridal wedding set by parent or giving consent to the marriage. To marry bride age should 18 and groom should 21.

Other Facts of Early Marriage: Due to early marriage at first affect child then women and then social. The far-reaching consequences affect in the entire nation. Birth controlling is one of the vital steps to control early marriage. Safe motherhood is one of the problems being created by child marriage. Giving care to the proper age for marrying is important to insure safe motherhood. The rise of women and the family in the socialization of women in decision-making and social rights, discrimination counseling in the state will come out of this tradition to prevent child marriage.

credit: learn.culturalindia.net

Dowry System

Event 1:

Just a few days reaming to come the marriage day of Steve. So far he has lived with his parents. In a home of three bedrooms Steve has 1 bedrooms and after that, he is thinking to live in a separate home after his marriage. Already a home is opted now planning underway for new home packing.

There were a discussed about bed sheets, window curtains, plates, all the accessories for cooking but there had not any discussion about furniture because this issue becomes an unwritten rule that everyone knows furniture will come from a father in law house.
Reality is same. Before 3 days ago of marriage one famous furniture company covered van has stopped in front of the house of Steve and their expert workers’ set up all the necessary furniture like bed, dressing table, Almirah and in the middle of an hour everything has perfectly setup. The dining room has set up with sofa, dining table and the bedroom has set up with bed, dress table, and almirah. Another car has come with the refrigerator.

At night a call was come from a father in law house and asked that was everything perfectly alright or not? Among a lot of friends of Steve, bond friend asked Steve that “You took really well dowry” as a fun. Steve felt some disturbed with this point and started to think that how to fool his friend is that he do not understand the difference between gift and dowry.

Event 2 :

Bride name is Shelly. She informed her parents previously that she wants to get well and expensive furniture for her marriage. If necessary then she is ready to take less jewelry but must need well and expensive furniture. In a point of her-she thought that jewelry will be shown just one or two days after marriage or in wedding day but furniture will have era to era and this is the issue of her respect and pride at her father in law house.

Father of Shelly is a rich man. He did his best as much as was his possible. But problem was that the groom house was not so big for keeping up all the furniture quite nicely. For this cause, they were started to move a new and big house from the beginning day of marriage. From this time this issue was the main reason for creating family feud.

Event 3:

When the marriage discussion was settled Steve informed everyone that he is not willing to take any kinds of gifts from his father in law. He warned everyone that no one will talk about this issue. For his this opinion his uncle called a meeting with everyone and in that meeting, there were discussed about to take a separate house and arranging house by furniture. In this critical situation, Steve did not able to keep his opinion due to family pressure.

Now let’s move to the point:

Above all the three events and characters are totally fictional characters but events have taken around from our society. Definition of dowry, little changes with the changes environment. We have so many women leaders in the world even in our country and they frequently give slogan against dowry but this black tradition of taking dowry has been keeping by them on their children marriage.

Whether it gifts, presents or dowry whatever- With the happiness these are not related anyhow.