Different Applications of Clipping Path

Different Applications of Clipping Path

A lot of individuals and businesses, especially those in the print and media industry, are in dire need of clipping path services. Examples of these entities are professional photographers, magazine companies, advertising firms, printing presses, web designers and developers, and graphic designers. Indeed, clipping path has become a determining tool for the success of even conventional print media.

After a particular image has been taken, there are numerous tasks that can be done to enhance, alter, remove, correct or retouch the parts. These tasks have to do in order to raise the quality of the image to the highest possible level it can attain without compromising its integrity. This is done to highlight the message that a particular media wants to get across through that image. These tasks have become easier due to the help of the latest software available.

Whether it’s just changing the backgrounds or removing the spots of an image, it is undeniable that clipping path can elevate the image quality from being ordinary to being superb and extraordinary. Here are the some, but not limited to, applications of clipping path that will surely add impact to the final image quality:

  1. Background Removal

This is the most obvious for this is the most common application of clipping path. This is simply the elimination of the current background of the image. This is done for the purpose of transferring the image to a new background that will enhance the overall quality of the image. This is usually applied for advertising and marketing purposes. This is due to the fact that this method can achieve the perfect results that can heighten the promotional aspect of the image.

  1. Color Mask and Color Corrections

These applications are done using multiple clipping paths. When the photo is taken, there are glaring discrepancies that are results of the unequal distribution of light within the image. This is unwanted because this will make the image look dull and uninteresting. By utilizing multiple paths, the image can be separated into multiple portions and each portion can be adjusted to satisfy the desired color and brightness.

  1. Different Product Colors from a Single Shot

If you wanted to display a range of different colors from the same product, you can use multiple paths to do its wonders. The advantage of this application is that the images have the same characteristics as that of the original, of course with the exception of the color.

  1. Recreation of Graphics and Logos

With the advancement of online businesses, clipping path can be utilized to recreate the old logos of companies. This is an advantage for it provides a high-resolution and a perfectly recreated image that will surely boost the online presence of your business.

  1. Image Manipulation

This application is simply tweaking some parts of the image to either emphasize a part of that image or to remove any undesirable aspect of the image. Take a family picture as an example. Everyone in the photo looks great, but with the exception of one member who closes his/her eyes. You can then use the clipping path to remove the eyes that are closed and replace it with open eyes.

There are a lot of other applications of clipping path and some of them are to be discovered by you as you practice using clipping path.