The Principles of Diamond Prices in Per Carats

The Principles of Diamond Prices in Per Carats

Most of the time, people are too excited to own a piece of diamond that they tend to purchase the first diamond they have set their eyes on. This is without even knowing the Diamond Prices available on the market and will just decide to back out after learning the value and the amount. Though it owning such kind of jewelry will cost a fortune but it would be too impractical to impulsively purchase a precious stone without knowing the real cost. But if you have wonder what makes a diamond one of the most expensive, the following explanation might help to clear things out.

There are too many factors that determined the Diamond Prices. It all started with the cost of the rough diamond. The diamonds that are the quarry in the mining site is not yet the diamond available in the market. It is in the rough form, thus a proper process will follow to achieve the desired size and shape. So, it means that the price started in the cost while mining the diamond, plus the cost of cutting, plus another cost in shaping it into a marketable diamond. Then depending on the importance of the diamond, an independent company will determine the grade of the diamond by the 4 C’s – Carats, Cuts, Clarity, and Color.

At this point, the diamond becomes very expensive because the cost is already added – from the mining to the shaping, cutting then up to the company’s certifying of 4 C’s. When the diamond reaches the diamond dealers, it will be distributed to the retailer, so just imagine how the costs were added. And take note that the dealers and retailer will also add some more to the price because they also need to gain profit from every diamond that they have sold.

Therefore, it would be much advisable to get the diamond much earlier before it will reach the dealers or the retailer. The earlier you can purchase the diamond, the lower the diamond cost is. Though it does not mean that you can have a Diamond Prices much lower compared to other precious stones, but you can get away with the amount of money that would be profitable by the dealers and retailers. So, you somehow save in the process of purchasing.

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