The Top German Bank List

Deutsche Pfandbrief Bank: The Top German Bank List 

Deutsche Pfandbrief Bank is part of a very large network of financial institution called the Hypo Real Estate Group (HRE Group); HRE Group is 100% owned and operated by the German government. Currently owning and operating two banks, one of which is the DEPFA Bank plc based in Dublin, Ireland, Deutsche Pfandbrief Bank, often referred to as PBB, is a leading bank that specializes in the area of real estate financing and public investment financing.

The formation of Deutsche Pfandbrief Bank came to be with the mergers of Hypo Real Estate Bank AG and DEPFA Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG (both Pfandbriefbanks; a triple A rated German bank debenture). They have very heavy presence in Europe and can be found in Eschborn, London, Munich, Paris, Milan, Mardid, Rome and also in east Asia in Japan.

As a bank that specializes in real estate financing, Deutsche Pfandbrief Bank provide a wide variety of products and services to real estate investors, financing mostly office buildings, retail, logistics and residential properties. On the other hand, as a public investment financing bank, Deutsche Pfandbrief Bank finances central, regional and local government agencies wherein they currently focus on Germany, France Italy and Spain.

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According to Deutsche Pfandbrief Bank’s annual report, these are their key figures of 2010 in EUR million; pre-tax profit per loss is -135, net income per loss is -185 while cost-income ratio is 54.0 percent. Total assets in EUR billion is 186.8, excluding revaluation reserve equity is 3.1 and equity is 3.4. With regards to the Deutsche Pfandbriefbank Group, their operating performance figures in EUR million as as follows; operating revenues is 652, net interest income and similar income is 600, net commission income is -10, net trading income is 77, net income from financial investments is -17, net income from hedge relationships is -45, balance of other operating income per expenses is 47, provisions for losses on loans and advances is 443, general administrative expenses is 352, balance of other income per expenses is -135, and cost-income ratio is at 54.0 percent.

With regards to ratings of the big three credit rating agencies, Moody’s, Fitch and Standard and Poor, Deutsche Pfandbriefbank is given a long-term rating of, A- by Fitch, A3 by Moody’s and BBB by Standard and Poor, while an outlook rating of, ‘stable’ was given by the three agencies. For short term rating, F1 was given by Fitch, P-1 by Moody’s, and A-2 by Standard and Poor.