Customer Reviews of HostGator

Customer Reviews of HostGator


Why did I choose HostGator?

Answer: Due to their excellent reputation and competitive prices I chose HostGator, yet I saw so many people used them and they all are happy by getting their services. As having the best customer service in the industry when I saw HostGator reviews that consistently ranked them and it also helped. Because of their low prices, I was little leery and I understand all those people online couldn’t be done the mistake.

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Review of HostGator: Without having to pay an extra fee I signed up for the baby plan and this plan permits you to host the unlimited domains. Without having to worry about expansion costs I like the fact that I can build more websites; when you add additional sites other website hosting service charge you more money. I could host as many domains as I wanted at about six dollars a month.

When you go over a specified amount other web hosting companies limit these and charge you but HostGator give you unlimited space and data transfer. With unexpected charges on my bill by other hosting companies that I did not particularly care for that makes me surprised. With HostGator, I’ve not had any problems.

Good Customer Service: Due to exceptional customer service HostGator is known to all. You can contact them through the phone, live chat and email if you host a site with them. The service was top-notch I’ve only used the live chat option. In less than five minutes I had a customer service representative working on my problem. In my blog I had somehow messed up the permalinks, but I’m very impressed by their customer services and representative of customer service go me up and in the middle of 15 minutes it again running.

They offer one-click CMS install and HostGator made it really simple to set up my blog. You can click on the WordPress icon to have the installation done automatically when you log into cPanel. About setting up WordPress from scratch you don’t have to worry and in this process other website hosting services makes it harder. It is quite simple after your CMS is installed and they instantly mail you your login and password.

Problems With WordPress

Too large and too many WordPress plugins may experience problems with HostGator. Your website will temporarily go down and the Apache system to crash when these websites get too large. You have to call customer service and need to have apache restarted. Frequently it doesn’t happen and keep it in mind and never try to install too many times WordPress plugins then you will not face this matter.

Backing up Files

All of your files will be automatically backs up and totally free. You can restore for you if your site ever gets ruined or hacked. By doing automatic backups and storing them for you they give you an extra layer of security. They also permit you to set up emails for your domains and there is not any limitation of setting up emails. Whenever you need them it’s pretty wonderful to be able to set up emails.

In Conclusion

In online one of the most reliable web hosting companies is HostGator. You will need to upgrade to a bigger hosting package to stay at the optimal performance you have to be sure to keep your websites adequate size.