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This modern-age world offers people different ways to conveniently address their payment methods. From online to mobile banking, the general public now has the power to completely transform their financial transactions. But one of the most common and widely used method is through the use of a credit card. A credit card is not only a means of purchasing, but also a means to settle one’s bills. Also, owning a credit card is a great source to gain credit score. Choosing to own a credit card however is something that should be carefully decided on as there are numerous elements that may affect the cost of having one. From application fees to annual fees, from knowing each types of credit cards, factors like these should be considered so as to maximize the benefits of owning one. So, what are the types of credit cards, and what would likely be the one that suits you?


One among the most popular and widely used credit card and along-side Visa Card®; a MasterCard® delights in a first-rate status value as it cannot simply be requested from a bank, and definitely not transferable. It offers special privilege in areas such as, events, travel and even insurance services. Another type of  MasterCard®, the premium card, as the name implies, is a type of credit card that has higher credit limit and is offered only to the chosen few clients who exemplify a high credit score.

Prepaid Credit Card

A prepaid credit card works opposite of that of a credit card. It is guaranteed to be approved 100% of the time as it doesn’t require a credit check. This is also probably the best choice if one wants more controlled spending, as it works by preloading it with funds. Sometimes called the debit card, it basically deducts from a fund which the holder actually has, unlike a typical credit card wherein deduction is made from a borrowed fund (credit).

Prepaid MasterCard® Versus Prepaid Visa Card®

There is essentially no difference with a prepaid card issued by MasterCard® and by Visa Card®. In most cases the difference between the two is with the services offered by the individual provider; credit scoring is applied to prepaid Visa Card®, while insurance for current coverage is offered by MasterCard®.

Visa Card®

A credit card issued by Visa Card® is no different from one that is issued by MasterCard®, and anyone will find that both can be secured from banks and other providers all over the world. When a MasterCard® is accepted in a particular establishment, then one can most definitely bet that a Visa Card also is. But if you are passionate enough to compare every bit of information you can get hold of regarding these two providers, then taking a look into the company profile is advisable.

Credit Card Charges

The question of the cost of applying for a credit card is something that has probably crossed the minds of many. Most providers and banks do charge a fee, but in the cases of domestic or direct banks, credit cards are optionally included as part of their existing account, and is therefore free of charge.

Which Credit Card is Right for You?

Addressing your financial needs is one of the best guide you can use in choosing whether or not to own a credit card. One should take into great consideration to learn the difference of each provider or bank’s terms and conditions when looking to apply for a credit card. This way, one is able to decide if the benefits of owning a credit card can outweigh the cost of other charges applied.

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