How to Create Instagram Style Effects with Adobe Photoshop

How to Create Instagram Style Effects with Adobe Photoshop

If you are into Social Media you have more than likely came across the app called Instagram. This is an app that allows users to upload pictures and place cool photo effects on them with a touch of a button. Although Instagram offers you some neat vintage effects, by using Adobe Photoshop you are able to create some very simple vintage effects of your own with a few simple steps. These effects are quite simple and can be easily created if you know what you are doing. We will take a look at creating one of the best Instagram photo effects with use of Adobe Photoshop.

First on the list is creating what is known as the Nashville effect. To start you will need to open your desired image inside Adobe Photoshop. Before you get started editing make sure you have a copy of the image handy in case you make some mistakes and need to revert to the original. To start the process you will want to create a new layer and fill it completely with a pale yellow color. You can try the hex #fadcaf. After you have done this you will want to set the layer’s blending mode to Multiply.

Now that you have done this you will want to highlight the layer named Background as you will need to make a few quick adjustments to the background. Open the Levels panel and adjust the center slider moving it to the left side of the graph. Ensure you are adjusting all of the channels of your RGB scale at one time.

Now you will want to start working on altering each channel independently starting with the Green channel. Select the Green channel and adjust the output levels by moving it all closer to the right side of the screen. Make sure you are only doing this inside of the Green channel. Now select the Blue channel and really adjust the output levels slider. Do this once again for the Red Channel. Once you have ended on a highly blue tinted vintage looking image you can click okay to save all the changes you have just made.

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This effect that we have covered here is just one of the many different photo effects that are available inside the app Instagram. Although we have one covered one of the many, it is clear that you are able to completely and accurately replicate any of the image effects found inside this app.

Even though Instagram is a very simple way to edit your photos you will find that using a proper image editing program such as Adobe Photoshop opens many new doors for your customization. By using Photoshop you can not only copy every effect available on Instagram but you are also able to build on them and turn them into something that is even more amazing.

Adobe Photoshop has many tools that you can use to create beautiful pictures. With a basic knowledge and a few simple steps you can accurately recreate everything Instagram has to offer.

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