Crash Diet: Is It Good or Bad?

Crash Diet: Is It Good or Bad?

A crash diet is a familiar name to all the people who are thinking about their weight and trying to control it. But there are also so many people does not able to understand that what is a crash diet, what types of diet it is and how to start it? Without knowing, the results a lot of people start in such a diet.

Besides the popularity of crash diet, it is also familiar with a dangerous diet. Because this is not scientifically qualified. Different times on different ads we can see that, we can reduce weight 3/5 kg in a week and 10/12 kg in a month. This is valueless.

Due to hard food control or due to starvation our weight can be reduced very quickly but we will fall under the danger of lacking nutrition. Sometimes it can be also seen that due to using a crash diet, we got success but in the middle of very short time the previous weight has come back again. In some case weight, gain more than the previous time.

Crash diet can be different types:

1. Liquid protein diet: In such diet only contain chicken soup. In such a diet should not contain more than 300 calories in a day.

2. Atkins Diet: This diet is also called a fashionable diet or no crabs diet too. In such diet contain egg, fish, meat, milk. In such diet not contain any types of carbohydrate such as rice, bread, potato etc. By containing in such a diet for a long time our body can be affected by ketoacidosis. We can feel a headache, weakness, nausea, raising cholesterol level in our blood.

3. Low-Fat diet: In such diet, not contain oil, fat etc. During cooking oil is highly avoided. Even fish and meat will be less. In a day you will not able to get more than 10-12 Gram protein. In such things will create the lacking of protein and gastric can be seen also.

4. Fruits diet or Banana diet: Just by eating fruits or vegetables in such diet is handling. In every day on every meal time, Dieter is taking 6-8 pieces of banana. Due to in such a diet, our body fall in the lacking of carbohydrate and protein.

If you want to reduce your weight for an upcoming event then you can do the crash diet. However, in such a diet should not do more than 10 days. If you will maintain in such diet more than 10 days than you may feel both interior and exterior problem of your body. Such as a headache, lacking sleep, pain in the belly etc.

That’s why we can understand that every crash diet contain some side effects and it is very essential to avoid a crash diet if no need very urgent. You should keep in mind that in such a diet cannot be for permanent diet. So we all have to know about crash diet and should choose our diet plan in according to our needs. However, it is very true that not anything that is done very quickly can give you a good result.

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