Clipping Path Service and Its Application

Clipping Path Service and Its Application

What is Clipping Path?

In layman’s term, a clipping path is just a tracing line that is sketch using the pen tool of any photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop. In graphic design, it is referred to as a closed vector path or shape. It is called as such because when the clipping path is used, everything enclosed with the line will be included in the finished product, while everything outside will be omitted. Everything that you prefer not to show up in the final output will be eliminated. I mean everything – may it be the background or any other undesirable component in the raw picture such as a shadow or a display stand.


The primary application of clipping path is to remove or cut out a particular photo from its surrounding images. This application is comparable to cutting your desired picture from any printed media with a pair of shears. However, the application of clipping path is not just limited to its main purpose, but can also be extended to several varied techniques like conveying a desired feature to an entity, refining a part of an image, or arranging a layout design.

Despite the reality that there are diverse methods of expelling undesirable components from a particular picture or image, there are no methods that can rival the quality accomplished by image processing services employing a clipping path, especially if it is manually done.

Clipping Path Service

The demand for clipping path services is exponentially increasing in the last couple of years, especially within the image processing industries. The main clients of a clipping path service are mostly professionals in different industries like digital photographers, graphic designers, and web designers. Even advertising companies and different print media industries like catalogues are in demand of clipping path services.

Services such as photo editing, photo refining and retouching, image manipulation, and background removal are among the mostly requested services by large digital companies in the world. Due to its tediousness and time intensive requirement, companies tent to outsource these services by competing clipping path and other related service providers. Your goal now is to search for the best clipping path service provider at a reasonable price.

Reasons for the Application of Clipping Path

There are numerous explanations as to why photo industries use clipping path in photo editing and background removal. Here are some of them:

  1. Image Emphasis

If the background of the image is obscuring the view of the image part that you want to emphasize, you better remove that background to render emphasis to that image part.

  1. Image Quality

There is no other choice of background removal that can attain the desired image quality other than a clipping path manually drawn by a pen tool in any editing software.

  1. Ease of Use

I am not saying that this tool is very easy, but with constant practice and enough experience, anyone can use this tool with accuracy and speed without compromising the quality as desired.

  1. Ease of Editing

Using the same pen tool, you can edit the same clipping path at any time you want. This will come in handy when you have changed your mind or found out a better way to emphasize the image.

As I have said earlier, you can deal with clipping path. You just have to practice and it will be your companion in image manipulation.