Caution in Buying A Cheaper Price Camera

Caution in Buying A Cheaper Price Camera

At first, I want to say that I’m not an expert person. Before buying a camera I did not know that how to open it. I just giving my some personal opinion here. These opinions can be effective for some people.

When a newcomer goes to buy a camera always fall into problem and confusion. Most of the people like to buy a camera that is small and cheap but I don’t prefer to buy in such camera. But why? Ok, let’s make clear the issue.

Those have willingness about photography as well as seriousness then they should start with Canon 60D or Nikon D90 types of camera, those camera whose will able to give you the basic idea of operating and in future time you will able to operate professional camera very easily. Now let’s explain, what kinds of problem you may fall on entry-level camera.

⦁ Small viewfinder.
⦁ Slow focus
⦁ Will not able to make white balance in Calvin scale
⦁ Small size
⦁ Display is absent on the upper side.
⦁ Less dial button
⦁ Don’t able to use focus that doesn’t have motor (only Nikon)

1. Small viewfinder

To capture good picture one of the first conditions is to see the frame. If you will capture picture just identifying the subject then any unexpected object can be damaged your whole picture. When your camera viewfinder will be less than this work will be tough for you for doing. Those are wearing glasses have more problem. In fact, you can do it by live view but without video, it is not suitable for other work.

2. Slow Focus

Autofocus is really an easy way and good way but most of the people will say you to focus manually but I don’t think so. Suppose that, you have a calculator then why you will not use it to calculate anything. That’s why the process that can be done automatically should not try to do it manually. Focusing quickly is a very vital part of capturing the picture but during autofocus entry level camera will make you sufferer in such case. Particularly a thing that is speedy can be very tough to keep a focus on. But you can do it by semi-pro level camera very easily.

3. Will not able to make white balance on Calvin scale:

Every photographer wants to make good things with their camera but it depends up to the color of the picture. The color of the picture depends up to the white balance of your camera. But in the case of entry level camera, you totally depends up to the setting that has set up on your camera. But your camera contains Calvin scale then you will able to adjust white balance in according to your wish. This is really a very big issue for capturing pictures.

4. Small size:

You can like small sizes camera for the first time but after using someday you will able to understand that how the feelings of your hand for a camera. This issue is like using a pen. Every pen can give us writing but after that, we like some specific pens that are good to capture on. To give you professional looks and to capture good pictures you have to buy perfect sizes camera that is very much good and comfortable to grab on.

5. Display is absent on the upper side

This is really a good side and you may able to understand that how vital it is when you will see a good photographer and his/her photographing tricks. You will able to setup or changes your camera settings by seeing this display.

6. Less dial button

Generally, the entry-level camera only contains one dial button and by which to change a setting quickly can be difficult to you and can take time. For that reason, you can miss an excellent moment.

7. Don’t able to use focus that doesn’t have motor (only Nikon)

Due to not having the focus motor, you will not able to use cheap and old model lens.