Best Health Insurance Companies

Best Health Insurance Companies

They say money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy me a health insurance plan so I got that going for me, which is nice. That might sound like a meme, but it is true. Health insurance is more and more turning into a necessity nowadays. Though some might say it just adds up to their pile of bills and payments, but if you come to think of it, it’ll come handy sometime, nobody knows when illness and misfortune will cast its shadow over you.

So it’s really important to always have a lamp right by your side to get you out of that gray area. But before you take a sip of a nice warm cup of health insurance, make sure it’s not too hot or you’ll burn your tongue. What I’m trying to say is that before getting a health insurance plan, one must make sure if it covers the essentials.

First of all, the main reason you’re getting yourself a plan is to ensure that you won’t get jeopardized financially when your health already is. In short, make sure it covers your healthcare needs without burning a hole in your pocket. What’s worse than getting an illness is being broke right after it. Now we’ve discussed the coverage and cost, let’s move on to who provides the services and accessibility. Even though you got your healthcare plan from the company they aren’t the ones to provide the services but hospitals, doctors and others involved.

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That is why you should also check if the ones providing the service are good enough. Accessibility, are they available in your area? Can you check them out online? Do they have customer support agents? And if they do, are they really helping or they’re just there to listen to your complaints. Now that you’ve learned about the basic things that determine a suitable healthcare insurance plan for you, let’s get to know some of the best health insurance companies:

First from the list is Humana, in where it has earned a rating of 9.9 over 10.The fact that it has earned such a high rating pretty much tells us that Humana has earned a name for itself. How else could it stay in business for more than 50 years and still going on without its good service? Over the years, Humana hash honed its expertise, expanding the coverage of their service with quality to further satisfy its clients. To put it simply, as mentioned in the website, “This Company puts everything you need for finding private medical insurance within easy reach”.

UnitedHealthOne, has been offering insurance of one type or another since 1974. This company provides an impressive selection of individual health insurance plans. Its offers are highly recommended for people who are after services that boast in quality yet safe in your budget. It was also mentioned, due to their wide network of providers, the in-network prices are likely to be low.

Third on the list is Aetna, a company that has been in insurance business, since 1850. It is one of those companies that have strived and improved through time. Staying in business since 1850 is a great feat indeed. Aetna offers a really wide variety of plans, devised through the years it has stayed in business. With the number of plans they’re offering, you are sure to find a healthcare plan that’ll fit to your needs and it comes in affordable prices.

The fourth one is Anthem BlueCross BlueShield, rated 8.68 over 10, not bad for a company that has been in business for only 20 years, a bit young compared to the previous companies. This company is noted for giving coaches, nurses who guide clients in managing their illness that require maintenance such add diabetes, but this program doesn’t only cover illnesses, but also for other things such as weight loss. Their offered plans do come in affordable prices but it is mentioned that if you’re looking for family plans, this company might not be the best place to look for.

Celtic has been around for 30 years and is available in 34 states. It is noted in the review that this company offers great manageability in its plans, since you can add life, vision and disability insurance to your health plan. Being able to get those and put them in a box altogether is surely convenient. Other selections are also offered which are available in a wide range from young adults to a family of four. Despite all these, it is mentioned that Celtic doesn’t offer short-term plans.

Assurant is in the sixth position, rated with 8.4 points. It has been around for some time, 120 years to be exact. Their service reaches over 44 states, which is quite numerous. Assurant is not quite known as said in the review, despite the number of states covered and years it has stayed in business. But the great part is that they offer the best short-term plan selections compared to the previously reviewed companies. Durations mentioned can be as short as 30 days or last up to 180 days. The plans also come in decent prices. Despite their lack of other plans, their short-term plans are really good.

Next on the list is SelectHealth, covering only two states. They’ve been running for 28 years; providing low cost yet excellent plans. What’s great from this company is that those covered will receive a lot of benefits. Another thing is that their family plans can reduce up to 80 percent of the family’s healthcare expenses. The drawback is they operate at such a small area.

Kaiser Permanente, offers decent and high quality plans, if you’re looking for long-term plans, they’ve got it. Their coverage is both good for families and individuals. In a review, this company is said to have relatively higher prices compared to other companies, but despite their slightly overpriced plans, still these are high quality and decent plans, also they come in a couple of selections.

Ranking 9th is Cigna, described as “well-known” and ” well respected”. They offer much freedom in your money, flexibility on how you spend it. Although you can combine dental insurance with your healthcare plan, other plans can be hard to add but not impossible. Its network of providers is vast and their website is highly accessible and easy to use. Also, do not forget that they offer a variety of affordable plans.

The last but not the least is Coventry. This company has been running for at least 26 years, covering 22 states. It boasts a wide variety of plans but despite the number of its plans offered, they lack the option of being able to add other insurances such as disability, dental and life. This could be a huge drawback to the company, but they’ve come into terms with it by covering major medical insurances and offering a huge selection of plans.

But still, no matter where you pick your healthcare plan, the best one is still the one that meets your pocket and your needs.