Best Car Insurance Companies

Best Car Insurance Companies

Cars nowadays are considered as part of our daily endeavors. It’s more and more turning into a necessity rather than a luxury. Having one is pretty convenient, you go right away to wherever you want or need to go to. It saves you the money, time and hassle from commuting. The convenience of being able to go around freely, driving to your destination comfortably instead of commuting with other people in a crowded bus or train is truly captivating. But since you are on the road, there’s no telling what might happen. So it’s really important to get yourself ready including your car.

This is the part where you’re going to acquire for yourself an auto insurance coverage. But not just any car insurance, you must make sure that the company providing it possesses the following factors: Puts the customer first, they should offer good service, reasonable prices for their features and services and your auto insurance should be like the reason why you got a car, hassle-free. To give you an idea about car insurance companies, here are ten of them, which are considered as the Best Car Insurance Companies:

The cherry on top is State Farm; this company has around for nearly a century. They’ve been able to stay in business for this period of time, thanks to their high number of customers satisfied. They make sure their customers are happy by providing them with great offers and services in which in return, they are met with a high score in customer service. This just shows that State Farm had lasted this long due to the reason that their customers trust them and they’ve proven it indeed. Not only that, but they also provide almost all sorts of discounts that a car insurance company can give. Their local agents are also available wherever you need them.

Geico Falls in the second place; it is also one of the most highly rated car insurance companies. They are offering great service at an affordable price. Having a low number of local representatives is one of its drawbacks, but they make up for it through online or on the phone, not to mention that Geico is noted for its fast service. They’ve just also recently introduced meet-ups with their agents, so that customers can inquire face to face. They offer rewards to drivers who have not been involved in a single accident for the last five years and also the good-student discount.

Third on the ranking is Progressive, also considered as one of the largest car insurance company. It boasts a strong financial rating and is also confident enough to provide comparison quotes since they believe they’ve got what it takes to deserve the payment they’re receiving. Progressive also features, “Progressive Snapshots” in where a device is attached to the car. It is for the purpose of gauging your driving habits. They also have the good-driver and good-student discount.

Next is USAA, United Services Automobile Association. It is only exclusive to members of the US Military, National Guard or Reserve. But insurance is passed down from your grandfather to your parents, and then to you. The USAA’s customer satisfaction can be considered good. They have also acquired good scores in reviews due to their hassle-free services and reliability.

Right after the exclusive USAA, Allstate follows next. Having twice as much market compared from others, Allstate is considered as one of the largest in the US. Due to the reason that it has a couple of fair services and great financial strength, it has a lot of loyal customers. They are highly respected throughout the years. Allstate is famous for its accident forgiveness policy, which gives drivers a bit of freedom when that gets involved in an accident. It has been stated that Allstate was ranked above average in customer service. Throughout the years, Allstate has strengthened its reputation. This car insurance company also is quite famous, building consumer trust and also due to the fact that it has local agents nationwide.

AAA, falls on the sixth spot. American Automobile Situation is what AAA stands for. It is yet another member only car insurance can provide. AAA was formed to provide services such as roadside assistance and budget travel ideas and rates for members. Later on, the association had decided to provide auto insurance for members. They themselves turned into a reputed association due to their care for roadside travel. It is even stated that through such feat, AAA became one of the better irons when it confess to car insurance. They also offer pretty much more affordable prices compared to others. As reliable as they are, they’ve been given an above-average rated service.

Esurance on number seven; is one of those companies that operate solely online. Esurance is described as a car insurance company suited for people who are on a budget. They prefer to handle their own from Cuisinart service agents and most of all, people who are convenient online. Esurance allows a multi-policy discount but not underwriting, which means that your policy will likely end up being handled by two companies instead of just one.

Since they operate online, they won’t be paying the salaries of legal agents and this money instead gets to be passed on to customers as savings. Operating online also had its downside, since some would prefer having a face-to-face conversation with an agent rather than face the screen and due to this, Esurance is rated as below average. But still, customer satisfaction varies from individual to individual, and as mentioned before, they’re suitable for people who would prefer doing business online.


Next on the line is a company named Nationwide. It is considered as one of the longest running car insurance company since they’ve been around for more than 80 years. Being able to last that long, tells us that this company is doing well in its services provided. In fact, their customer satisfaction rated as high as above average. Together with their good and average claim service yet still needs a little improvement has given this company a good reputation. Plus their longevity in service is a huge factor to attract customers. The only huge drawback is that they offer higher price compared to most companies.

Liberty Mutual has constantly been part of the Fortune 500. Its strong financial rating is quite admirable. So far, this company currently is the one offering the most affordable services compared to the previously reviewed companies. Affordable, yes, but it isn’t just about price since they need more improvement as stated in the review. Though their policies and discounts offered are quite similar to the ones offered by top companies and despite the company’s size, considered as one of the biggest, it has received a not so pleasing low rating in their customer and claim service.

Lastly, Farmers Insurance, an insurance company that started on rural drivers, but expanded across the nation later on. Though they offer low prices they still maintain a below average rating. This just shows us that pricing isn’t everything.

One mustn’t only look at the price offered, but also if the service is as good as the price offered. Although, some still take on the risk of a low-performance service in exchange for lower prices. Down the road, it still depends on you what company and service you would prefer.