Best Auto and Home Insurance Sites

Best Auto and Home Insurance Sites

Technology has become a huge impact on our daily lives. Internet for example, has become an indispensable tool. You can do almost everything on the internet, from buying you’re toothbrush to looking for a suitable insurance plan, which is what we are going to talk about, and below are considered as best car insurance companies sites especially for auto and home.

  1. NetQuote offers lightning-fast information and recommendation on which insurance plans you should choose and which suits you. Searching is simplified, forms are not complicated and within minutes, results can be obtained. Offers are free and include home, auto, health, life and business insurance. NetQuote has connections to thousands of insurance agents. Ever since 1989, NetQuote had this method of searching with privacy. Aside from online accessibility, they provide an email address and also a toll-free phone number. A FAQs section is also provided in their site. It was mentioned in a review that their speed is commendable, but they could use more improvement in customer service.

  1. InsureMe

InsureMe, is a referral service specializing in helping find consumers suitable insurance rates. They host the site so as to make up for the insurance programs they can’t cover through their connections from other providers. The providers given will depend on the zip code you entered in their forms. They do cover auto, home, renter, life, individual and family health insurance. Although they lack some types of insurance programs, they do include quote searches that other insurance websites don’t offer, like universal life and whole life insurance. They also give suggestions on how to lower your expenses on a plan and they recommend that you should take your time in looking for the right insurance plan.

  1. Insurance, according to their website “is an independent, unbiased insurance agency located right outside of Cleveland, Ohio.” They provide access to multiple insurance agencies at once. They have built partnerships with some of the leading insurance companies. They have been providing only the most accurate insurance quote according to you what you need. They exist to provide major types of insurance like the ones with auto, home, renter, and life and health coverage. But there’s more, they also provide for travel, for people with courier occupations. Your pets are also included in a pet insurance plan, may it be common household pets or exotic pets and any you could think of. More information can be found on their website and if you think sending them an email is convenient, don’t bother, it was deemed impossible in a review which really needs improvement.

  1. 2Insure4Less provides consumers a free yet efficient insurance referral. You can do a lot of comparisons in that website, comparison shopping, as they call it. In their website, you are made to fill out a simple form in which after sending, you’ll receive later on the suggested quotes that fits the information you’ve given in the form of email. Despite the simple process they have incorporated in their forms, the information they provide is pretty good. Their offers include auto, homeowners, renters, life, health, long-term care, disability, cancer, annuity, burial and travel insurance. Not only that they have a wide range of efficient service, but you’d also feel safe since the forms you’re filling are protected with a VeriSign SSL certificate, which means that the data you send is encrypted so you don’t have to worry about privacy issues. Trying out is highly recommended for you.

  1. Allstate

Allstate is one of the largest when it comes to this field, not to mention that they’re part of the Fortune 100. With a coverage reaching 13 insurance lines like auto, home, condo, renters, life and motorcycle, just to mention a few of them. Of ever you require specialized quotes, contacting an agent is required. For auto, they require you fill in specific info, so top provide the best suggestions top your preference. Prices offered are pretty reasonable and service is smooth and if you require additional help, it is highly available. The process involved is really safe and secure since personal data isn’t required. Their service is good, although most of the information provided includes Allstate options.

  1. US Insurance Online

US Insurance Online provides a really smooth and easy to navigate website. Experiencing insurance shopping at is hassle-free and fast yet efficient. Also, they offer great coverage at the lowest rates. Insurance covered include auto, home, life, business and much more. Filling out their short request forms is fast and so is their response. A FAQs section is also provided as well as a blog filled with insurance-related matters. Their downside is that they do not offer much insurance information on their responses, telephone support is also not offered.

  1. 4freequotes has been running in business since 1997 and has an estimated number of visitors over 75,000 per month. With a goal to provide easy and fast request forms, although you might be required to sign multiple request forms for different insurance companies but if you aren’t bothered with that, you’ll surely be fine results that are sent back quickly. You won’t regret filling out those forms because your effort will be answered with a detailed, informative, and complete with contacts form. Quotes you’ll receive will depend on the availability in your area and if a certain company isn’t available; they can also link you directly to an insurance company within your area. Despite all the paperwork, it’s all worth it.

  1. Esurance offers a wide range of insurance quotes, they started selling auto insurance in the year 1999 and has expanded their coverage ever since. Now they are available in over 30 states offering reasonable prices for auto insurance. Request forms provided are easy and fast to process. You’d also feel secure since the data you’re everything is encrypted. Toll-free phone numbers are provided 24/7 with well informed representatives. Aside from that, they also have a FAQs section as well as a blog. Esurance might not offer every type of plan, but cost efficient quotes are provided. Don’t forget they’re excellent customer service.

  1. Insweb

In the ninth slot is, started online insurance service in 1995. Free insurance quotes are offered in this website. Services and request forms are fast and meet with a reasonable price. Help is also provided in comparing insurance quotes and plans.

Insweb provides auto, home, motorcycle and recreational vehicle coverage. Health, condominium, term life, and travel insurance are also included. The website is in collaboration with some reputed insurance companies. Their request system is as easy and quick as a snap. Aside from encouraging confidentiality, their customer service is also above average.

  1. The-Insurance-Place

Last on the list, but not the least is, they provide affordable if not free insurance quotes and insurances for auto, home and health. Although they focus on medical related insurance plans, they still offer others. Request forms are made as simple as possible and you’ll receive their response within minutes. Their coverage in auto insurance are in collaboration with companies that are not only good, but are nationally acknowledged as well. Selections offered by this site accurate and affordable. Customer service is also good, considering that they have a contact-us-page and a FAQs section. Replies are either through email or phone.

Those are some of the auto and home insurance sites that great service, to choose where to visit first is up to you.

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