The Best 10 Selling Cars in the world

The Best 10 Selling Cars in the world

Despite of the world economic crisis, the world of automobile still manages to produce cars that worth fortunes. Though these cars are not really intentionally for rich people the cost will tell it so. Who can afford million dollar cars when the minimum salary can’t even reach million in a year? Only those multi-millionaires, who are rich enough, can afford such cost. Thus, for those people who have a very tight budget would only settle for cars with affordable prices – what they are only after for is a vehicle to ride on for their daily transportation. In fact, one reliable site on the internet releases a list of the top 10 world car all the time – the best selling cars.

The cars which belong to the top 10 world car all the time are neither necessarily expensive nor affordable but with a good quality at a reasonable price.

Always take note that not all expensive is the best because there are still the best buys that offer a very good deal – both quality and a price that sounds good. That’s why; there are cars that can be considered the best selling cars every year. It is done to determine which cars really catch the attention of the buyer by having a survey of the total sales that the company have a certain brand of car. And the list can be found in any sites on the internet and one example is the following:

• Chevrolet Impala (USA) – with estimated sales of 14 million units

• VW Passat (Germany) – with estimated sales of 14.1 million units

• Honda Accord (Japan) – with estimated sales of 15.8 million units

• Ford Model T (USA) – with estimated sales of 16.5 million units

• Honda Civic (Japan) – with estimated sales of 17.7 million units

• Ford Escort (UK) – with estimated sales of 20 million units

• Volkswagen Beetle (Germany) – with estimated sales of 2.3 million units

• VW Golf (Germany) – with estimated sales of 25. 0 million units

• Ford F-Series (USA) – with estimated sales of 30.0 million units

• Toyota Corolla (Japan) – with estimated sales of 32 million units