Basic of Physical Exercise

Basic of Physical Exercise

Physical exercise means to move different parts of the body in different ways with a view to keeping in good health. To be frank, sound health is the great wealth of life. To achieve this wealth everyone should take physical exercise regularly.

Physical exercise is of various kinds. It can be done as indoors or as outdoors. Normal movement of different parts of the body can be practiced within houses. Outside, we can play various games, walking, swimming, riding, skipping, rowing, racing, wrestling, gymnastics, etc are a good form of exercise.

Some exercise is to be taken free handed and others are to be taken with instruments.

Morning is the best time for physical exercise. It can also be taken in the evening. Physical exercise should be taken according to the acceptability of the body. All forms of exercise do not suit all. Light and easy exercise are suitable for the weak and old people. Walking is suitable for all kinds of people. Swimming, skipping, riding, rowing, gymnastics and various indoor and outdoor games are suitable for young people and students. But before taking heavy instrumental exercise the young should test the fitness of the body.

A popular saying goes that health is wealth. No man can be happy without good health. Body and mind go together. A sound body with a sound mind is called good health. To preserve this health, physical exercise is a must. Our body is like a machine. If a machine is used for long days, it gets out of function. Our body also takes the same form without physical exercise. Physical exercise makes our body strong, sound and fit for work. It keeps our body free from diseases. It cures our body and mind. Our prosperity depends on the soundness of our body and mind. So in order to keep a healthy, wealthy and happy life the necessity of physical exercise is unfathomable.

Health is the source of all happiness. Even a healthy beggar is happier than an unhealthy king. But this health can hardly be preserved without physical exercise. Those, who avoid physical exercise very often got ill health and lead a miserable life. Many of them can hardly go far in life. Despite all riches, many cannot enjoy life.

Physical exercise is not free from disadvantages. Over-exercise and irregular exercise are obviously harmful to health. Health breaks down when a form of exercise doesn’t suit the body. So exercise should be taken according to the acceptability of the body. Exercise should not be taken just before or after a meal.

As health is the root of all happiness and physical exercise is the best way of keeping in sound health and that’s why everyone should take physical exercise regularly. If we do not keep our body and mind sound by taking regular physical exercise, we will fail to enjoy the charms of life.

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