Ambiguous Thoughts Eat Stop Eat

Ambiguous Thoughts Eat Stop Eat

It is very normal and expected to be doubtful about new things to try. That is why people always ask a lot of question and try to learn a lot about something in particular order to be sure of getting into that new thing. Those doubtful thoughts that come to peoples mind are totally normal especially when starting a new diet plan or trying different and unique for the first time.

Main point

To discuss the book “Eat Stop Eat”, we have to shed light on the main points that are tackled in the book. The book mainly talks about how different classical diets do nothing but hinders you from losing weight and reaching your target. They even let get bored with the idea of eating healthy food. The book introduces a new way of dieting plan called intermittent fasting. Which might be scary for some people and that is why people might be a little skeptical about the idea. But whoever thinks of buying this book must think of how the book is effective and what kind of benefits does it impose on the users. The user must know the results that he or she must expect in order to be encouraged to buy the book.

Try to think in a practical way when buying the book and see whether this book actually solves your problem of losing weight. A good way to answer this question is by looking at the reviews that people made regarding the book. See how they were able to apply the book to their lifestyles and achieve their goals.


According to most of the reviews, this new way of dieting plans has actually helped solve their problem of losing weight. For example, Dr. Geoff Dover from Gainesville, Florida stated all the expectations that the book promises.

• No more thinking of food all day
• Being more productive
• Incorporate the diet into your lifestyle

“This book has really changed how I look at my desire to eat and what is necessary for my body. I look forward to fasting to be apart of my life from now on.”

Think of Dr. Dover’s experience and see if this would work for you as well and make your own decision now. Get the book and try it yourself and experience an amazing difference in the way you eat.