A Basic Review on the Top Three US Banks: (Part Two)

A Basic Review on the Top Three US Banks: (Part Two)

In the previous article, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Bank of America and Wells Fargo Bank have been included as part of a a basic US Bank review, wherein interest rates, bank charges or fee, overall rating, bank locations and financial health have been reflected. A good and practical US Bank review however, should not only indicate numbers, figures and percentages; that is why in this article, a look into customer relations will be tackled as part of a US Bank review, paving the way for a potentially smooth banking experience.

JP Morgan Chase Bank seems to have an overall customer relation rating of below average; out of ten, they have a 1.8 rating on issue resolution, 2.8 reachability, 2.1 account cancellation, 2.8 friendliness and a 2.5 rating for product knowledge. Overall, JP Morgan Chase Bank’s customer relation score is at 30.28 and is not very promising; as a matter of fact, a semantic equivalent of, disappointing, may very well be given. Therefore, JP Morgan Chase Bank’s US bank review puts them way below the average of a satisfactory customer relation score.

Bank of America, on the other hand has an even worse customer relation rating; issue resolution is at 1.5, reachability at 2.1, account cancellation at 1.8, friendliness at 3.2, and a product knowledge of 2.3, giving them an overall customer relation score of, 25.24. Thus, a semantic equivalent of, terrible, is given. Although they are way below JP Morgan Chase Bank’s overall rating, their employees however are more friendly and is nothing short of a rating noteworthy to be included in any US bank review.
With regards to the customer relation rating of Wells Fargo Bank, their individual ratings are as follows: 1.4 for issue resolution, 2.6 for reachability, 1.7 for account cancellation, 2.6 for friendliness and 2.0 for product knowledge; their overall customer relations score is at 23.30 making them the worst among the 3 banks in this US bank review.

Having a clear view of a bank’s current company profile and its standing in the past recent years is probably one of the reason why US bank reviews are very important. That is why in choosing and maintaining a bank to handle your financial needs, going over a sufficient amount of US bank review is a must.

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