3 General Tips for Car Maintenance

3 General Tips for Car Maintenance

Human beings need to have a general check-up every year to determine the body’s condition so as also the cars. If you need a doctor for a general check-up for human being’s body, then you need a master mechanic for your car.

However, there are some instances where you no longer need a technician especially most of you have a very limited budget for your car maintenance. There are some “Do it yourself” D.I.Y. tips that can be found on the internet.

The three things that you need to remember for your car maintenance are the oil, water, and the tire pressure.

• Oil – oil is the only element of why your car is kept on running. So, it is important to always check your oil after refilling it three to four times. You can do it by just simply using a dipstick to the gauge level. That way, you will know whether the oil is enough for a day travel or need to be refueled for the car to properly run on the streets. But, if you don’t have any idea on how to check the oil, then you can follow some guidelines written in the car manual to check the oil every six months or before six months to avoid further problems.

• Water – the main purpose of water in your car is to avoid overheating in the engine which might cause some terrible damage. Therefore, the presence of water will keep your car to run properly on the streets without worrying about sudden damage or breaking down. Just make sure to check the water level every now and then and ensure it is on the right level – after all, water is for free.

• Tire pressure – the smooth run of your car on street is mainly because of your tire having the right pressure. So, ensuring that the tire has a perfect pressure – not too hard or too soft will make you driving very smooth sailing.

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