25 Real Ways to Make Money Online

25 Real Ways to Make Money Online


Most individuals nowadays turn to make money online to have extra income. Even if they have a full time job, still, most of them make their spare time profitable as much as possible. Making money online is the best venue when you talk about having an extra income. Surprisingly, people are now interested in working online full time since the demand for workers online has now increase and mind you the pay is higher.

There is a lot of work you can do online if you are just patient enough to search for one. For a start, what you need is time to do your research. Depending on your field of expertise, that should be the first thing that you consider when you search for work online. If you are a good writer then you can check out writing jobs in Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer where you can bid for projects that you think you are capable of delivering. If you are interested in selling then you can check eBay and other popular marketplace where you can promote and sell your product.

Indeed there are a lot of venues which you can earn money online. But, beware too, just as there is a good opportunity of earning online, there might be chances too that you get scammed and so fail. This thing can happen if you are not careful enough. That is why it is recommended that you do a comprehensive research before you start and most of all read reviews. Remember you do not have to invest a lot of money for you to earn online. There might be websites that will charge a minimum amount in exchange for a service they provide but it should not go above what you think is a reasonable amount.

Caution should be exercised when trying to make money online. Read further to know some of the legitimate ways to make money online.

Freelance Writing

If your talent lies in writing then it might be best to work as a freelance writer. Many companies, magazines and even private bloggers who are hiring writers online to write various articles of different niches. You can find lots writing jobs in several websites which pays writers upfront. Check out websites like Upwork.com, Freelancer.com and more. These sites offer thousands of writing jobs which you can bid for. Just check out their requirements, it is free to register. This is the best site to go if you want to contract some writing jobs. Other websites worth to check out include Fiverr, Mechanical Turk, Microworkers, fever, Dollar3, Fiftytown, Demand Media and Break Studios.

There are also websites that accepts articles in the websites and pay is through share advertising revenue. You can check out websites like InfoBarrel where its Adsense revenue share is from seventy-five to ninety percent. Other revenue sharing article site which is worth checking out includes Squidoo, HubPages, Bukisa, Xomba, Seekyt, Rate It All, Mixx, Flixya, SheToldMe, Jevitt, Best Reviewer, SquidStop, TipDrop and Snipsly.

Another way to make money online if you are a writer is through blogging. Blogging for most people is a hobby. It actually started as a hobby for most individuals but later on it has become a venue for earning money. Bloggers earn through the Google Adsense. It is those advertising links posted in your blog that brings in the money. The moment your readers click on those links, you earn. So the more traffic to your blog site and the more clicks on those ads will bring more money to you. If your blog becomes really popular then you can be assured of big income. The only thing you have to do is to keep on posting really interesting stories that will keep your readers interested and would want to regularly visit your blog.

So far, creating articles is by far the most legitimate way to make money online especially for mothers since this kind of work allows flexible schedule. They can work and write articles whenever they are available. This makes blogging the best job mothers can do, they can balance their time doing their household chores and at the same time earning opportunities.

Writing Review Articles

Another option for freelance writer is writing reviews. It is easy and you get to earn a good money just by expressing your thoughts and views about a specific product, movies, websites, services and many more. You will find thousands of products that the companies are promoting through these review websites. You can join these websites where you can share your opinions on products you have use or services availed and you get paid for it. The following are the best review website you can find online;

Reviewstream.com. One of the review website that has high paying rate online is Reviewstream. Writers all over the world can join this review website. Every time you make a review, you have to fill out a form online. You have to make a high quality review and must be unique. Anyone found to copy from another source online might get terminated. Pay for every review made depends on its quality.

If you have made a high quality review which gives the reader a good view of the product then one might earn two dollars per review. If your review is rated low then pay is only forty cents per review. An added plus is you earn extra ten cents for every vote you get which rates your review as very helpful.

Ciao.co.uk. One of the biggest review website online which is based in the United Kingdom is Ciao. This site is quite famous and they have more than ten thousand of products that need to be reviewed. You can take your pick what products to review. All you have to do is register in the site and you can start reviewing products. You start earning whenever someone rates your review as helpful. Its not a quick way to earn money but you can certainly earn extra cash doing it.

One tip is to make reviews on products that are in demand or most sought after. You’ll most likely get your reviews rated fast. Just make sure to make your review interesting and really informative to the reader for it to gain a good rate. You earn an upfront about twenty-five cents for every review you make, another one to three cents with every person who rates your review as helpful, another one sent whenever someone views your review, and you earn one dollar for every person you send at their website. As an added plus you can earn fifty percent of what your referrals earn for six months right after they join the site.

Dooyoo.com. Another review website worth to join is Dooyoo. When you write a review at Dooyoo, the site will reward you with DooyooMiles which can be converted to cash or amazon.co.uk vouchers. For dooyooMiles you have to earn at least 50,000 dooyooMiles to be redeemed for fifty pounds. Writing a premium review which means a high quality review and is really helpful to the consumers for the most in demand products will give you 600 dooyooMiles and an additional 20 dooyooMiles for each view of your review. If you make review on common categories then you will earn 300 dooyooMiles and additional 15 dooyooMiles for every view of the review. If you write for those less popular categories, you’ll earn 100 dooyooMiles and additional 10 dooyooMiles for each view of the review. If you are able to produce an excellent review and is rewarded with a crown then that means you will enter day competitions and earn dooyooMiles for full six months from the day you post it in the site. For equivalent, 1000 dooyooMiles is equal to one pound.

Shvoong.com. At Shvoong, writers can earn ten percent of the advertising revenues earned in the website. It is then important that you submit a high quality reviews. Minimum payout is ten dollars and payment is through Paypal or check if Paypal is not available.

Epinions.com. This is another site where you can earn money writing reviews. At Epinions you can write as many reviews as you can, the concept here is the more useful reviews you write the more money you earn. Their paying scheme is as follows, your first ten reviews submitted earns you 10 dollars, twenty to thirty reviews earns you twenty dollars, thirty to thirty-nine reviews will earn you thirty dollars and so on. Your earnings an go higher depending on the number of reviews you submit. Payment is made by check.

These are just a few of the more popular review website online. Other review website online worth to check includes Expotv.com, Sharedreviews.com, Rateitall.com, Carrotreviews.com, Softwarejudge.com, Usertesting.com, Blogging Ads, Sponsored Reviews, and many more.

Medical Transcription

One of the most in demand and highly paid online job today is Medicat Transcriptionist. It is so in demand that most people enrolled in short term courses as a medical transcriptionist in order to get qualified. Most companies seek or preferred applicants who have undergone trainings in their school or has experience in his/her field. As a medical transcriptionist, you have to have sharp sharp hearing and have fast typing skills. Why? Because you have to listen carefully and type up the dictations from doctors.

The problem often encountered here is the difficult accents of some doctors. Pay for such job is high but for a start it might be a little bit low which is around $10 or less per hour. But for those who are experienced and has been in the job for quite some time, the pay is more than $20 per hour.

Technical Support Specialist

Tech Support Specialist is considered one of the best work at home jobs today. You can work as an independent contractor or you can apply as a tech support specialist in various websites like geeksquad.com, support.com, computerassistant.com and many more. You can also contract work at Upwork.com. You can bid for projects at Upwork but before bidding, you have to register at Upwork and make your profile. Also you have to take the Upwork readiness test before you are qualified to bid for a project. Your first contract in Upwork midgets like you but if you are good and you have a good portfolio then you sure will be able to contract a project fast.

Tutoring Online

It might be quite surprising that you can tutor online but with the internet and advance technology, distance learning is no longer impossible or new. Many professional educators have offered their services through tutoring online. Despite the wide information that students are gotten in the internet, still they need personal supervision. Individuals can of course start their own online tutoring service but they also have the option to go to websites that offer tutoring services like the popular Tutor.com. This sight does the marketing side that is finding students for you. You will then be matched to students to tutor every week. For those who are interested in this kind of work, you can check out GetEducated.com. It’s the best resource center for online teaching jobs online.

Participating in Surveys Online

Most people earn money through participating in surveys online. Most paid to click members are also member of popular survey sites and the following are the best survey sites which you can join to start making money now. The best way to earn big is by joining as many survey sites as much as possible.

Globaltestmarket.com. Participating in the survey will earn you points which are redeemable for cash. You should be able to complete and submit the survey to earn points. They accept participants fourteen years old and above and they accept international members.

Surveysavvy.net. This site is considered as one of the best survey online in the year 2013. They offer plenty of surveys for their members and you can make an average of thirty-five dollars a day. Their minimum cash out is five dollars through liberty reserve, payza and Paypal or they can send you pay through check.

Surveynetwork.com. This site is based in the United Kingdom and they offer their members daily survey as well as target survey. You can earn cash for every survey taken and you get paid through Paypal.

Toluna.com. You earn points while taking surveys and testing products. These points are then converted to cash or a voucher.
Mysurvey.com. You also earn points here when you take surveys and this point is either converted to cash, prize or a gift certificate. You must be at least fourteen years of age to join the survey site.

Cashcrates.com. This is not only survey site but this is actually a Get Paid To site (GPT) too. GPT sites are sites that lets you complete tasks like clicking on ads, completing offers, reading emails and participating in surveys. Cashcrates is considered as one of the best surveys and got sites online. They have been online for eight years now and have paid their members regularly and they have more than three million members to date. Most embers claimed to be making an average of thirty-four dollars a day. Their payment hold is through check.

Inboxdollar.com. This site is also a paid survey site as well as a gpt site. This site is considered the highest paying survey site for the last several years. It has been online since year 2002 and has been paying its members regularly. As a plus attraction of this site is that they offer a five dollar sign up bonus when you sign up and confirm your e-mail. They have several ways for their members to earn money and their members can earn an average of eighteen dollars a day.

There are many more survey sites on the list and this includes Surveysawy.com, sendearning.com, getpaids.com, treasuretrooper.com, Opinion Outpost, Zoom Panel, Synovate, Clear Voice Surveys, Permission Research, Survey Spot, points2shop.com, Irazoo.com and many more. The list is endless when you talk bout survey sites and gpt sites, but this is the most legitimate site as well as one of the highest paying survey site online. Check them all out and see which site you might want to join. The thing is, it is best to join as many as possible survey site/gpt site for you to earn more money. Accumulating your income from this different survey/gpt site can really be a big one.

Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the most popular and hottest ways to earn money today. All you have to do is recommend or promote a product using an affiliate link. When someone clicks that link and finally purchase the product then you get a commission out of the sale. It’s very simple and very effective for some individuals. Most of this is done by creating a site which focuses only on one product. This site will then promote the product by posting plenty of articles with your affiliate link embedded on it. If you do not have a website then no problem, you can still write plenty of quality content and submit it to article directories and do not forget to include your affiliate link to post in the resource box to promote your product.

You can also use your social media account or join forums to promote your affiliate programs. Here are some good affiliate products to promote;

Amazon Associates. You will receive commission on every person who clicks on your Amazon affiliate link and makes a purchase within twenty-four hours.

Clickbank. This is also one of the largest marketplace for digital products and eBooks and a great place to be an affiliate too.
EBay Partner Network. You can earn commissions on eBay auctions that people find through your eBay affiliate link.

Commission Junction. This is one huge marketplace for affiliate offers the same with Google Affiliate Network.

Other affiliate sites very similar to Clickbank are E-Junkie and DigiResults. Check out all this site if you want to try out affiliate marketing. There is big money in it if you chose the right product and promote it well.

Online Retailing

Online retailing is the oldest way of making money. Since people now prefer online shopping then selling your items online will be a great business. With he advent of the internet, anything is possible. If you have a website already then it won’t be hard for you to put up an online store. You can even use a social media account to promote your product. There is also a lot of websites online that allows you to post your items for sale. If you are really serious in making money through online retailing then it is best for you to put up an online store site. Link it to a blog or simply promote it to several social media and forums or even post an ad on advertising directories.

Selling Old Stuff

Making money is not enclosed only on affiliate marketing or selling new products but you can make money selling your old stuff too. Instead of just throwing away or giving away things you do not want anymore, you can actually get more money out of it. But where can you probably sell your old things? Here are some websites where you can get some money out of your old stuff.
EBay. This is the most popular auction site online where you can enlist your old stuff that you want to dispose. The site does not only sell your old stuff , but you can also sell whatever products that you have. With eBay , you’ll have a wider market for your products and high opportunity for the sales increase. eBay is your best venue to market your product be it old or new.

Gazelle. This is one site where you can sell your old gadgets that you do not need anymore. This is one website where you can sell your old electronic gadgets like Cell Phones, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Tablets, Apple computers and other Apple products. You can also refer your friends and you earn $10 on the first gadget that your referral sells in Gazelle.

Amazon. You can trade items or sell back your old items at Amazon and receive an Amazon gift card in return.

Sell.com. Another site where you can sell your old things is at Sell.com. Through the years they have developed a huge number of loyal sellers. To enlist your product, all you have to do is sign-up and it is free. No need for a credit card only an e-mail address. After signing-up, you are now ready to post your first ad.
Oodle. Another marketplace where you can sell your items. This is another best venue for both buyers and sellers.

Other sites worth checking out include Craiglist, Backpage, Shopit , Half. com and many more.

Stock Trading Online

Stock Trading online involves the risk of losing your money but for some people, stock trading online makes good money. If it is your first time in this business then it is best if you make a deep research first and make yourself familiar with how online trading works. There are a lot of trading platforms which you can choose between buying and selling stocks. Some of the best online trading service in 2013 includes OptionsXpress, OptionsHouse, TradeKing, Scottrade, Fidelity, E*Trade Financial, TD Ameritrade, and ShareBuider. It is recommended that you do your own research online, learn the do’s and don’ts in online trading before you even start.

Answering Questions

Get paid for answering questions or giving advice. If you are a walking dictionary then this job is just perfect for you. You answer people’s question and you get paid for it. You may have to sign up and get approved before start making money by answering questions. Some sites require you to take a qualifying test as an Expert in answering questions. Here is a list of websites that offers such services;

ChaCha. When you join ChaCha you become a ChaCha guide and your task is to answer questions sent by people via text messages. Each question may give you around ten to twenty cents. Most guides answer the questions in one minute thus average earnings per hour is around nine dollars. The best thing about it is you can work whenever you have the time. It is definitely the best way to earn money in your spare time. Nine dollars per hour is not bad at all.
Kgbanswers.com. kgb works pretty much the same with ChaCha. With kgb you have to take a test before you become an expert and qualified to answer questions. You get to answer questions through text messages.

Ether. Ether is quite different from the two since you get to sell your advice through telephone. They will assign a free Ether phone number which will forward you to an actual phone. Here you can set your hourly rate or per minute rate and you can set your time where you are available for calls.

Fun Advice. Here you earn points by answering questions. The points will then be converted to cash or dollars.
Other sites worth checking out include Just answer, Web Answer and many more.


If you love to take pictures then monetize your hobby by selling your photographs. There are lots of websites online that will allow you to upload pictures and create galleries available for purchase. If you have collected some interesting photos then you can sell your work. Every time someone downloads your photos, you will earn a commission out of it. Here are several sites that will allow you to sell your photos.

IStockPhoto. This is one website where you can sell your photos. But before you can start selling your pictures you have to join the site first, read their manual and then take the test. After that you have to submit your best portfolio and if accepted then you can start selling your photos. If your photos are exclusive with iStockPhoto then you can earn between twenty-two to forty-five percent royalty rate in your photos. If you are submitting your photos to other sites then you only earn around fifteen per cent in iStockPhoto.

Shutterfly. With Shutterfly it’s a little bit different. You do not sell your photos to Shutterfly instead they allow you to set up a gallery where you sell and market your photos for a minimal fee. You just pay a reasonable annual fee for you to be able to set up your gallery. For 5 GB of hosting space for your photos you pay an annual fee of $99 and for unlimited hosting space you pay $199 a year. So if you have a huge collection of photos than the $199 a year is the perfect package you. Another plus is you set your own price for your photos. They order prints or buy your work through digital download.

ShutterPoint. This website is easy to join. All you have to do is sign up and you can start selling your photos. Accept all kinds of photo and no need for samples or any test to see if your work is accepted. They have this bulk upload tool that can help you upload huge numbers of photo fast. The payout rate is for standard royalty free images is seventy percent while full royalty free images are eighty-five percent.

Fotolia. Being a seller or a contributor in Fotolia is easy. All you have to do is sign-up and you can start uploading your imagery files. There is no fee but one should follow the strictly their Terms and Condition. By that it means, all your pictures are original and owned by you, and you are 18 years old and above. The payout depends on the ranking and exclusivity of your portfolio.

Dreamstime. Both professionals and beginner photographer are invited to join the Dreamstime community where you have the opportunity to sell your photos. All you have to do is sign up for free and start uploading your photos.

Other sites which are worth to check out includes BigStockPhoto,123RF, Corbis, CanStockPhoto, DepositPhotos and more.


If there is a fun way to make money then this is it. It might be surprising for some to know that you can actually earn money from posting videos on YouTube. Well you definitely can and it is simple. For a start, you have to sign up for a free account on YouTube. Start earning on how to upload videos on YouTube and how to share. Check out what’s popular and start making videos which you think might interest people and will give you lots of hits. The moment you have uploaded several videos, you can now go to YouTube’s homepage and click the partnership link. You have to apply first for you to become an official partner of YouTube before you can start earning from your videos. YouTube will check your videos and review your account. Make sure to create a series f good videos that have earned huge number of hits.

YouTube is quite strict with their requirements so make sure that you know those requirements and follow it. Your video should be original and your own all the copyrights. Your record shows that you upload videos regularly an your videos have reached thousands of viewers already. Your videos are suitable for all audiences. You are 18 years old and above and is based in an English speaking country. Compensation starts after your video have reached one million and above views. The pay is three dollars per one thousand views.

Human Resource Person

There are different websites online that connects prospective employees to different companies who are in need of workers. If you know someone who is in need of a job then you can refer them to sites like WiseStep, Bohire, Zyoin and Referearns. You get to earn money from referring people who gets hired. The payment ranges around fifty two thousand dollars. If you know a lot of job seekers the start referring them now. This can bring lots of extra money to you.

Offering Financial Services

When you speak of financial services this usually includes bookkeeping, accounting, payroll processing and tax preparation. The work becomes much easier since these services use specialized software. For businesses, this means great savings since they will be hiring less people. This cost saving opportunities for businesses means job opportunity for individual contractors. You can work on your own as independent contractor and set up your own website or you can join a web based service group. You can then work through the website and get in touch with clients through the website and e-mails. If you offer your services online, make sure that you are really capable and experienced in the field.

Logo Designing

Anywhere you go, you encounter logos and not all of them you will remember. But, one that usually stick to mind are logos that are unique in design. One that is simple but can attract lots of attention. If you are one of those arty people who can easily create logos out of simple ideas, then it is time that you monetize such kind of talent. Check out some websites where you can get projects to design logos like;

99designs. 99designs has been in the business since 2008. For over five years the site has been connection professional designers with clients who wants affordable and quality designs. This site is the one that starts the design contest where designers sends in their design base on their client’s design brief. Whoever wins receives cash prize for their work.

CrowdSPRING. CrowdSPRING was started for the purpose of helping creative people all over the world to find new customers. This is the marketplace for graphic designs and logos.

Design Crowd. It is an online marketplace that provides services like logo designing, graphic designs made by freelance graphic designers all over the world. To date they have more than hundred thousand designers on their virtual team. Clients can post their projects at Design Crowd and watch as different designs pour out from different designers around the world.

T-shirt Designing and Selling

T-shirt designing is fun and you get to earn money too by designing shirts. The more unique your design is, the more attractive it is to the public. You now have a venue to sell your design worldwide. Websites like Spreadshirt.com and CafePress.com lets you set up your own online shops for free where you can put on display your designs available for purchase by those who are interested. If you are good at designing and creating statement designs that can set a trend in T-shirt fashion, then you definitely can make money in T-shirt designing and selling.

Customer Service

Many businesses and companies have their own customer service department to answer questions that their client might have regarding their products. Today with the advent of internet most businesses now offers customer service electronically that is by e-mail or through live chat in their website. Because of these changes, businesses and companies have now hired home based workers for such services. That is why customer service contracting firms are now available and individuals who have a knack for this job can apply. Any individual who is experienced in this field can become an independent contractor. As long as you have your computer with a stable fast speed internet, then you are ready to contract jobs as Customer Service. Check out websites like Upwork.com and Freelance where you find hundreds of work related to customer service. You can bid on such projects if you think you are qualified.

Handmade Goods

There is nothing better than selling your own product. This is by far the most lucrative if you are into selling business. The only problem is the marketing side but with the advent of the internet today, this thing is no longer a hindrance. In fact you now have the opportunity of a wider market for your product is not only seen in your area but the whole world. There are no limits as to your audience when your products are online, it can reach millions depending on how you market your product online. There are two ways you can sell your handmade goods online, one is you develop your own website where you can upload all your products and sell it there. Another is to go to websites that allows you to set up your own store for free or for a very minimal fee. If you are just starting, it is best if you avail of this free shops online, later on if money starts to come in then maybe you can now set up your own website store online.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is one job that is much in demand these days. A typical Virtual Assistant provides technical and administrative assistance to clients and they usually work at home. The virtual assistant is one of the leading home based work offered today. They are in demand by companies since virtual assistants are independent contractors rather than a full time employee.

Companies preferred this independent contractor since it means that they do not have to pay for any employee related benefits and taxis. They do not have to spend for extra space and equipments in the office for that matter too. For aspiring Virtual assistants, you can visit websites like Upwork.com, VA Networking, Guru Employer, Fiverr where you can apply for Virtual Assistant jobs. The average salary for Virtual Assistant is $48,000 a year.


If you are fluent in two or more languages then being a Translator is the job for you. There are lots of clients that need translations of documents and audio files. Companies now have access to home base translators with ease. There are a lot of companies now who seek Homebase translators, and this growing demand for translators make it one of the highest paying job online. The average salary of a Translator is around $41,610 a year. Not bad at all for a home base job. Check out websites like Freelancer.com, Upwork.com, Fiverr.com, TranslatorsCafe.com and more. These websites offer hundreds of Translator jobs to bid.

Web Designer/ Web Developer

Web Designers are professionals who maintain and design websites according to the client’s specification. This job requires you to be skilled in the following area – web applications, software programs and programming languages. Clients for web designers varies from small businesses to government offices and large corporations. Most web designers work as a freelancer on contract basis. Figures show that this job will grow more in demand in the next coming years. In fact Web Designer/Developer is ranked at number nine in the Best Jobs of 2013. Web Designer/Developer job’s pay average of $77,990 a year while the highest paid in this profession receives over a hundred thousand dollars a year and the lowest paid earned around forty-two thousand a year. You can work as an independent contractor online, check out Odesk.com, Freelancer.com and other websites that offer the same services.

Cash Back Shopping Scheme

Shopping online is the latest trend today. People prefer shopping online since they are a lot cheaper and convenient for them. They can shop right in their home and what is even better is you can get cash back from your purchases. That is what eBates and Mr. Rebates offer their clients. All you have to do is sign-up in this website and you can start shopping in your favorite stores that are affiliated with this website. You get as much as thirty percent cash back on your purchases. That is a lot of money you are saving there. Check out the leading Cash Back shopping online – eBates.com and mrrebates.com.

Surf the net and get paid

You probably spend most of your time in front of your computer, if you do then turn the leisurely thing for money. Surf the net and get paid for doing it. There are a lot of websites where you can register for free and you get paid to surf and click on the ads. Moneymagpiesearch is one of them and if you refer your friends to this website you will also earn a commission based on their searches. Just take caution and only register on trusted sites.

Forum Posting

Forums can be a good venue to earn extra money. It does not pay that much but if you are active enough and make regular post then income increases too. New forums often invite people to participate in discussions for an attractive fee. Most forums pay about thirty cents per post or message that is based on a specific number of words. The trick is you can join several forums to maximize your earnings.

These are just a few ways of making money online. Remember, there are no short cuts in life the same thing when you want to make money online. There is no quick way to earn money online instead you might encounter some difficulties, but this thing will usher you into greater success in the future. Be patient and learn the Do’s and Don’ts in making money online. You will be more successful and you will start to see the fruits of your labor. If you are planning to explore this new opportunity it is best if you take some time to research online, draw out more information to help you start your new career online.

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