10 Ways to Prevent the Break-Up in a Relationship

10 Ways to Prevent the Break-Up in a Relationship

Nowadays, it is very easy to make a relationship and it is also very easy to break a relation. Frequently a lot of small things can lead us to break our marriage due to our lacking care. But quarrel or argue is not the sign of break a relation.  However, we should be careful about some vital issue.  That is why here I am going to discuss some vital tips, which can assist you to keep your relationship live.

Never try to change your partner: 

You were loved or liked your partner by seeing his/her reality and then why you are now changing his/her natural way. That’s why you should not change him/her. In such way can make your partner mind upset.

Listen to your partner very carefully: 

You have to hear your partner discussion very carefully and never ignore him/her for anything. Hear his/her complain, likeness, mentality, wish etc very carefully. In such hearing will make your relationship stronger.

Do not allow the third party in your relation: 

Sometime to break a relation just an out person is enough. That is why try to keep secret about all the personal issue and don’t allow to spread that among your outside friends.  Never brings an outside friend to make understanding among you. You should solve your problem by yourself.

Keep alert about family matters:  

Not only take care of own family but you have to take care of the family of your partner. You should not make anyway by that your partner has a distance with his/her family.

Never allow any quarrel to make long:

Quarrel is one of the main problem and common problem in a relationship. Short time quarrel makes a relationship strong but long-term quarrel make a relationship weak.

Allow your partner to pass time to his/her friends:

It is very natural that you will pass time to your partner. But it is not legal to make him/her fully separate from his/her personal life. You have to give his/her time to meet or pass time with his/her friend once in a week. In addition, you should personally pass time to your friend once a week.

Never be attracting to opposite-sex:

Never shows too much attraction to the friends of your partner who are opposite sex. It can be natural to like someone but you do not have to be weak to them. Just take them as a friend not more than anything else.

Never discuss past:

Every person has a past life and you should take it as a considerable issue. If you will not take the past as a considerable issue then you will not able to continue your marriage life. Do not point out past memory again and again in every step of your partner life. Never compare your partner with your friends or other.

Learn how to compromise:

Everyone wants that his/her partner will give priority to him/her more than anything else. If sometime your partner will remain busy with another work then in such issue should not take as a quarrel

Never give hand to the personal things:

Your partner may have a personal diary, mail, SMS etc. But you should not check those without getting permission. In such way can create misunderstanding among you.

At this present mechanical days, it is becoming very tough to keep a relationship. That is why you should take care of your relation. Stay well.